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Introduction to Cosmic History.

Introduction to this Internet site by Antony Phillips

An Introduction to Cosmic History.

This home page concerns itself with Cosmic History from a metaphysical point of view. In other words how did we and the physical universe around us get here. Further more it is built on foundations in Scientology (the philosophy, mainly from before the organisation was taken over by somewhat doubtful forces). It also concerns itself with comments, criticisms and further ideas developed by one Ken Ogger, who was a member of the Church of Scientology in the 1990s,  but very critical of it, and to maintain his membership, published his criticisms and other thoughts on the Internet under the pseudonym of "The Pilot". This page, CosmicHistory, is taken from an Internet list which was a discussion affair. I started giving out the material in weekly portions for discussion in 2001, and have sent it out 8 times.

I doubt if it will go out again as an Internet list, so results of the last time it was sent out are preserved here.

For those who want to see the Pilot's Cosmic History without other peoples comments, these appear as the last entry on this page.

Antony A Phillips (also running sister site where you can write to me while my body is still fairly active ).  4th November 2014.