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Supplement, (Appendix) 2 - Murphy

Letters from Murphy + note on them from Ant. Genetic influences, following on from the previous Appendix re cause of Homosexuality.


Full-name: Murphy9190
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 15:11:08 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: Re: [CosmicHistory] CosmicHistory Digest, Vol 12, Issue 18

Letter One:

[Coming to you via the CosmicHistory Internet list server]

I consider it vital to never allow genetic traits be a factor in ones life to the point where they override choice or explain a lack of choice. This is a pool everyone dips there toe into at some time for some duration, but never proves fruitful or beneficial. There is no answer here.
To say one is genetically predisposed to sexual disposition, alcohol, drugs, disease, personality characteristics, temperament, intelligence, depression, ability to feel joy, general well-being and happiness etc... where does it stop? One can say, and many do, that a random unintelligent chaotic mix of genetics determines not only every personality trait you have, but your body type and size
with you having no say so or control over it.
One can exercise Free Will. You can take your body out for a run and some exercise and,
with the intent to do so,completely modify what genetics seems to have ordained. You not only have Free Will you ARE Free Will.
The body is completely neutral. It is non-sentient and will not survive without a Being attached to it in some way. It has no volition. It cannot say or tell you anything because it is most essentially nothing but a means of communications and symbol of your "uniqueness" and individuality.
The whole idea of genetics is to try and validate this illusion as "real" and You can be controlled and affected by it. This of course requires your agreement which genetics is used as a persuasive convincing tool uttered from the mouths of experts who are at best more lost than you or at worst seek control over you.
There is no explanation or Truth in genetics. Genetics is the framework of the illusion and no more than that. Behind every example of genetics as a Truth, there stands a Being making a decision or dramatizing a belief, invariably. Truth exists in Free Will and Decision.
Even "dramatization" serves experience. One dramatizes what is in ones mind so one may then experience what one is thinking so one can modify ones thoughts to a higher order. Awareness is Intelligent and seeks to expand its Knowledge. This is experiencing life into Wisdom. No one dramatizes anything forever. Eventually something is learned that ends or positively modifies that dramatization.
If this ever was a dwindling spiral, that phenomenon ended as one easily observes wisdom is the unavoidable result of life and experience and this can be considered a positive "upward" motion.
I know I was a little passionate about this and I apologize in advance if I came off too forcefully, but I explored that path and it
IS the dwindling spiral however, You will go where You must go to find what it is you seek and there is no wrongness or error in that, in fact Godspeed.
This is an awful position of having to evaluate for someone Ant, but since you asked ;-), accept it, embrace it, do not fight it or attach any negative to it. Do not resist it. Go with it and at least mentally follow it through to its logical conclusion. There is no judgement or guilt here nor should there ever be. You will determine the How and Why eventually, but not so long as it is perceived as a problem.
To consider it "aberration by contagion" is still to judge it as a negative. Evil, guilt, shame, blame, regret etc. and all negative emotions and are illusions that do no stand to the light of Truth. They are opposites to Truth that rely upon obfuscation of Truth and personal belief for their existence, but fade into the nothingness that begat them when illuminated by Truth. Only Truth is Real.
Please don't consider this issue a negative or a problem. If nothing else, the Truth is this is
all an illusion anyway because this is all temporary and finite and only Awareness and Truth are Eternal. I know you may be seeking more meaning than that, but there is no meaning in illusions you see? They are all based on the obfuscation of Truth. You can get into the exact mechanics of precisely what is being thought and how and why it manifests as it does until you understand perfectly what happened or is happening, but at the end of the day, what does that really do for you? There is a bigger picture here the understanding of which undoes the whole game. Accept your situation as it is, then let it go. Forgive it. Take what wisdom and benefits you can and call it good. Forgive it, forgive anyone related and forgive yourself. (Forgiving is the act of letting go.) There is peace there and where there is peace there is no conflict.
No thought ever leaves the mind. A "sick" or conflicted mind will always manifest in its body and the rub to all this is, so long as you exist in the physical universe you will have a conflicted mind as
this is a universe of contrast and conflict.
You are in the process of restoring wholeness to your mind and when that occurs this place ceases to exist. This place does not stand up to the light of Truth.
Truth has no opposite that is real. Truth is Eternal. This place is not. The only thing to be learned here is Balance, Wisdom and Peace. Heal the rift in the mind that allows this place reality and existence then you will be restored to Who You Really Are.
I suggested a few books to you in private. They address this issue. Read 'em.
I know I am longwinded, I can't help it either. Its a genetic thing ;-)
In a message dated 3/29/2014 4:54:44 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [in this case Antony, previous Appendix] writes:

P.S.   I appreciate the time auditors have spent
writing their conclusions with regard to handling
homosexual people. It answered some of my
questions.  What still seems to be lacking is a
pointer as to whether these auditors saw any sign
that a tendency to homosexuality being inherited,
and here I think one could differentiate between
inherited through chromosomes (genes) and the
contagion of aberration.  When dealing with
p├Ždofils, for example, there seems to be some
agreement that people with p├Ždofil tendencies
have been sexually mishandled as children
(contagion of aberration), and any auditor
considering this would need to differentiate
between chromosomes and traumatic sexual
experiences.  I'd appreciate more feedback.

Letter 2 ----- Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 22:53:44 -0400 (EDT)

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For what it is worth, here is the best of my understanding on the subject:
We experience life in the Physical Universe (PU) as Human Beings (of some sort). The key action here is "experience" because that is what changes us. As we experience life, we gain experience and all experience is sooner or later turned into wisdom. Through experience we achieve balance.
This is a universe of contrast. of polarities and dichotomies. Enough exposure to enough contrasts will invariably result in a more balanced viewpoint. Obviously not all "life experiences" are the same or equal in the PU. There are places where beings hang out amidst glowing rolling clouds of color and light and music and relax and play games. There are realities similar to ours and realities much more spiritually advanced that appear as light and the bodies appear as light. Essentially, if you can imagine it, it exists somewhere.
Among those "realities" (they are all illusions of reality) that have bodies with the sensory perception and experiences available as on Earth, there are few and perhaps Earth may be the ultimate experience. To some, Earth is referred to as "The Earth School of Compressed Learning."
The thing about Earth is it offers a lot of experience in its "program." All of the Earth experience is available from all time streams and frames simultaneously. In other words, you may select numerous body/life experiences and have them in play simultaneously - hundreds or even more than a thousand at once
all in different time frames.
While this is occurring, the Thetan, or "Higher Self" is the beneficiary of all the experience gained from all these lives. Each and all lives are monitored and the net effect of all this can be likened to "a very large download of experiential information in real time."
So, as one might imagine, in very short order you get the net effect of hundreds or thousands of lives, each one purposefully selected for its "lessons." By "lessons" is meant, as experience is gained the part of You that oversees all this begins to "get the picture" and becomes selective about experience. At first and in the beginning, anything is acceptable and the next life/lives/experience tends to be a reactive choice based on the most previous experience.
As experience is gained (balance and wisdom starts to manifest) and the You are aware of the benefits You are receiving. You then choose experiences either for their benefits. This includes everything and nothing is excluded. Addiction in all forms, debasement in all forms, success and vanity in all forms etc. As this occurs you reach a point where You are fine tuning yourself. The life/experiences are selected to round out certain other areas. You could easily find a very advanced almost finished with the Earth experience Being having a life that would some very "undignified" for a Being of "his caliber," but only He know what he is doing and why.
One quickly learns judgments are ego-based and futile as any given life in no remote manner reflects the You that is gaining the experience of that life. Your last and final life in the whole experience could be a child who lapses into a coma at an early age and spends her whole life conscious but locked in a body. Even among such invalids the experience varies greatly as one might experience abuse, neglect and pain while another experiences the unconditional love of one or both parent. It is all highly individual and unique and judgment or rationalization is futile.
Eventually, you get to a point where not only does the Earth experience not interest you, you feel "complete" and "done" with the whole physical universe experience. In short, there is virtually and utterly nothing else to be had or gained from the experience of opposites. From there one can guess where one "goes."
(An excellent account of this process and what "life" is like for the Higher Self and for the "guy actually living the life on the front lines of Earth" reading the trilogy of books by Robert Monroe. Excellent data that validates and makes sense out of Scientology data while adding to you whole bank of knowledge.)
So, within the parameters described above one can easily see where homosexual feelings and experiences fit in. Some may choose to live a life with the experience of having society itself positioned against you, so may choose a homosexual experience in a society where death is the result if you are found out, or one may choose a more "moderate" societal force like we have here on Earth over the last 80 years. Only the Higher Self knows.
Also, as you know there exist sexual implants. A Being may choose or seek not to have these implants stimulated for a specific reason in life, so may choose a homosexual life style. The homosexual desire may not be a restimulation of an implant, but rather may be an avoidance of an implant so would never read on the meter as one.
Also, there is strong evidence of genetic engineering in the past. I have seen evidence that some choose a homosexual lifestyle in order to not turn on certain genetic signals in order to actually help repair and improve the result of this genetic manipulation.
Suffice to say the reason are and can be myriad. Only you can speak for you and, I am sorry to say, sometimes it doesn't make sense until you are out of the body and able to consult with your Higher Self. (Yes, you can actually talk to your self as the really You from the viewpoint of You that lived a life. In fact, all the lives You ever lived still exist within You as memory "personalities" that can be called forth complete, whole and as alive. Indeed, certain attributes formed in life by many of these personalities are then selected for new lives as You try to "hone in" on goals and experience. You can only draw from your own experience, so this is the methodology at work here.)
It is all kind of a dramatization of what the Main Body of Theta, or God, Source or Awareness is doing. We emanate from a Source that obviously can, for lack of a better explanation, create multiple unique Awarenesses or Beings. If our Source can do that, and is that Source is inseparable, then we can do the same thing. We then utilize this ability in The Earth School of Compressed Learning (not for the faint of heart ;-)
Not all Beings utilize this ability. Some desire single long lives of several thousands of years, but experiential and thus spiritual growth is very slow among these groups and such group tend to either be quite vicious at the low stage or very spiritual at the upper stage. Earth life really packs the potential for a lot of contrast and experience in a single albeit short life.
Earth is rather unique in this regard.
Hope this helps. Everyone here has made excellent points and provided excellent data on the subject. Perhaps all of it together may help.
The real and True bottom line is only you can determine the benefits of your experiences. Rather than looking for a what is wrong, perhaps a look for what is right and good? Perhaps when an experience is viewed more as a solution than a problem it will make more sense. I would love to see some auditing from this tack,"What can you learn form this experience?" some other such thing, I don't know that always assuming there is something wrong, even in auditing is the best possible viewpoint, but I am not an auditor either.
You project out what you think. You dramatize what is in your mind. That is a fact. That is the basis of this whole reality, but the only point of gain is experiencing it all into wisdom.
Your Admiring Friend,
Michael Murphy
On Thursday, March 27, 2014 10:48 AM, Ant Phillips wrote:

Dear all,
Very interesting, Leo. I can understand getting charge because of the
opinions of others (evaluations) and that charge vanishing? (being
handled with auditing). What I am interested in is in your auditing of
these people, was there any sign that? the reason for their being
"gay" had was the result of charge which got handled with
auditing?? In my case the tendencies I had (attraction towards boys,
cancer in penis, etc) seem to me connected with total inhibition of
communication on sex and sexual organs, with ten years of mystery and
puzzling over why some boys penises were different from others
(circumcision), while not knowing that girls did not have penises. The
whole affair was much more complicated and very weird. Since I have never
audited homosexuals, I am still curious about it.? Your account
looks as though the preclears you audited only lost "guilt"
about it, without any change in the actual condition.? Is that

In other words, is homosexuality a natural condition? I think/feel that
the area is "difficult" because there is a pretty general
inhibition about talking about sex.? I had the problem that when I
finally found out about it, and studied it in text books, etc. they used
words which the man in the street did not use, words used? by every
day people varied very much (and I dared not ask when a strange word came
up, in case it was sexual, which communication inhibition took me many
years to get over). But my end conclusion was that sexual feeling was
very much desired, and it did not really matter much whether you got it
alone, or with a person of the same or opposite sex.? If you did it
with the same sex for a while, that became "normal" for you
(what you put your attention on you get).

Your remarks (below) about the reason for LRH rantings seems very
valid.? You (unless born a *rebel') tend to do what is generally
accepted. Sort of to remain in ARC with the group (same apparent reality.
Group realities change rather slowly (and painfully - equal rights for
women has had a hard time :-) )

All best wishes,


Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 07:47:43 +0200

From: Ant Phillips
Subject: Re: [CosmicHistory] Mike Murphey's comments

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At 16:25 08-04-2014, Ant Phillips wrote:

This included reading Mike Murphey's two long  letters,  ....  As it was pretty general, and did not concern a particular Pilot post I have put them in the Archive under Supplement (Appendix) 2 - Letters from Murphey.

With regard to what Mike Murphey writes there, I find there to be a more basic simplicity with regard to life which will be evident as we go further. Mike explains what is behind life, I think, but, like the Pilot, seems to assume without explaining some things.

I got a bit of a bad conscience on the above answer. So I will enlarge a bit.
The Pilot, and many others in working on explaining life, seem to leave some things "hanging in the air".  For example there is a theory that we are put into a specific life situation to learn a specific lesson. But when I have seen this theory propounded, I did not find any explanation of who put us in a particular life situation?  Missing data.  There also seemed to be missing data on who (or what) we are. 

It is true (in my opinion) that if one is confused in some way (for example, as to what life is about) one gladly accepts any fairly good looking datum, making it a stable datum to help one out of confusion. This may have happened here. A person is confused as to what he is doing here.  Someone suggests he is here to learn a lesson, he (or she) accepts that, confusion lessons, life goes on without an apparent puzzle.

This is what I found with regard to the Pilot's Cosmic History.  There is missing data.  (one of Hubbard's out points in his Data Series).  While he gave me some useful stable data (which made me enthusiastic when I first read it, it explained some puzzles left from Hubbard's and others explanation) there is still missing data in his Cosmic History.

I don't claim to be infallible  - there may be more missing data (or other outpoints) in the Pilot's account.

Join the treasure hunt for outpoints :-)

Hope you didn't feel too ignored, Mike.

All the best,