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Cosmic History 10

9. THE MIS-ALIGNED SPACES . the mis-aligned agreements or the era of disagreement or whatever

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More Cosmic History, continuing from last week:
...they wouldn't trap their creators.

You wouldn't be bothered by these traps now. They didn't have much more punch than our current TV commercials. Its just hard to conceive of this stuff because the weight of the high powered conditioning used in later universes interferes with our ability to think.


After the reality wars, we basically settled down to mocking up 3 dimensional universes.

Up to and including this period, there is no single agreed upon universe. Instead, people would mockup universes pretty much at will. Both before and during the reality wars, these universes had varying numbers of dimensions. After the conclusion of the wars, it was 3 dimensional universes all the way, but it was still an infinite variety and complexity with everyone going their own way.

Before the reality wars, people were simply individualistic in what they wanted to mock up. But in the aftermath of the wars, they became quite contrary and disagreeable. They had had one thing jammed down their throat and had been forced into agreement on the point of using 3 dimensions. So now they were going to be as individualistic as possible in all other respects.

This era could be called the mis-aligned spaces because everyone was trying to keep everything as far out of alignment as possible. Or it could be called the mis-aligned agreements or the era of disagreement or whatever.

Putting it in an oversimplified manner, if someone invented fire engines to put out fires, then somebody else would immediately invent fire engines to collect the trash and a third person would invent traveling super fires that searched for fire engines and burnt them up. But it was worse than that. There were the rudimentary forms of language in the sense of meanings being assigned to symbols, and out of contrariness, different or opposite meanings were often assigned to the same symbol so that soon there were language difficulties and great misunderstandings despite the fact that communication was still basically telepathic in nature.

This carried on for a long time, and people fell further and further out of communication with each other. This of course encouraged even more problems, harmful acts, etc. and led to games of entrapment.

The beings were also gradually condensing down and becoming located throughout the entire early period of the track. At the time of the jewel of knowledge, the being was close to omniscient and not really located anywhere in particular except that his attention could be occupied by something as elaborate as the jewel. But the jewel convinced him that he should put some sort of mass or anchor point into the places where he was operating. This was based on the false idea that space was owned and belonged to individuals and so they needed to stake their claim with some sort of mass. Eventually he begins to believe that he is located where his masses are, but he still continues to put out near infinite collections of objects to act as his body so to speak. But his ability to occupy many viewpoints deteriorates and eventually he condenses down to occupying a single location. This deterioration is occurring during the era of the mis-aligned spaces but he doesn't really end up located as a single individual until the agreements universe discussed below.

Again this is an extraordinarily long time period but is not really measurable in human terms. All of these early eras are multi-verses (collections of universes) rather than a single agreed upon universe and time measurements are relative to a universe and tend to be meaningless in situations such as this where time flows at different rates in different universes. Your experience of the time is sequential and you can probably lay out some sort of measuring system for yourself, but different people will have experienced different amounts of time due to being in different places which had different time rates.

Nothing, not even the time rate, was agreed upon consistently in this era. It made it difficult to play games and to communicate. Eventually, everyone came to agree on one thing, which was that some basis for common agreement and consistent operation was necessary. And under the surface, there was still the idea that we should build something together that would be of comparable magnitude to the jewel of knowledge.

Our solution was to build the agreements universe.


This is the first of the gigantic agreed upon universes where everybody lived. It was not organized in any fashion except for having an agreed upon set of definitions. It was just a big infinite space into which anyone could project mockups of their choosing.

It was basically a 3 dimensional space and would, of course, contain
I see I sent the part on the Agreements Universe out to ivy-subscribers on December 13th. Cosmic History, is an early part of the Pilot's Super Scio - links to it from our Home Page.

Have a good weekend, and enjoy this universe. There are lots of enjoyable things in it.
[added 030307 ... and I have found that reading Cosmic History a few times has helped me understand this universe, or at least things in it, things I encounter and ponder over seem to make more sense]


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