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Cosmic History 5


From: Ant Phillips <>

Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 05:29:00 +0200
Subject: [CosmicHistory]  Cosmic History 5

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Note the pessimism in " we had not yet decayed too far" - Decayed!  - we are getting more and more clever, requiring more complex games and playing fields!

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Dear ivy-subscriber,
So far as I can see I have sent you two Cosmic History 4 (and a 4+) and I did not send anything last Saturday. We are nearing chaos. :-)

We have looked at the beginning (Cosmic History 1, The Womb) and the end, Now lets look at what the Pilot considered "in some respects it was the peak of our efforts"


This occurs at the mid-point of our existence and in some respects it was the peak of our efforts. By this point, we had gained enough experience to develop very complex and sophisticated mockups, and we had not yet decayed too far. It continues for a long period of wonderful creation and the final collapse of home universe was probably the first big loss that we experienced.

This was actually a collection of individual universes linked together in a higher level space. This higher space was a sort of matrix of gateways leading down into the individual home universes. Early on, it seems like a sort of nebulous corridor with mirrors or thought pools along the walls which lead into the individual universes. However, as time passed, it gradually expanded until it had much the appearance of the night sky full of stars. Except that the "stars" were the gateways into the individual universes and if you went up close to them, these stars might look like big golden balls or even symbols such as a flower or an object hanging in the sky.

It is a mistake to think of this as a single universe with little balls in which each thetan dwelled (there's a later implant which presents it that way). You would enter one of these spheres and find an entire infinite universe. It would be as diverse and complex as the creating thetan (or thetans in the case of agreed upon universes) had chosen to mock up. It would not necessarily share physical universe laws or anything else (except the primary entry point) with the other universes in the matrix. It could also contain further subordinate universes below it.

Besides the individual universes, there were agreed upon universes used for games or meeting places. These were quite numerous and varied. There were also "story" universes, much like movies. These story universes contained sequences of 3 dimensional pictures arranged in a fixed time track that told a story and anyone could go into one of these and enjoy the drama. There was actually quite a bit of aesthetic competition involved, much like the academy awards. But unlike our Hollywood productions, these were built as universes and seemed just as real as our life here on Earth.

The development of the "stars" mockup at the top level is probably due to the problem of managing an ever growing number of entry points. Just lining the entry points up along the sides of a tunnel is too inefficient. So we expanded the top level outward and started arranging the entry points in a 3 dimensional space. Without a wall to place them against, an oval thought pool is better mocked up as a sphere. And so we have a sea of "stars" at the top level.

Within the individual universes, it became common practice to bring this top level display of "stars" into view in the surrounding sky.


The home universe matrix had been built to keep people from messing up each other's creations. As such, it was a bit like sending the children to their rooms because they are fighting. But this only works if you can keep them out of each other's home universes, and without any means of enforcement, it was not long before pranksters were sneaking into each others spaces and making trouble again.

And so we came up with the idea of punishing people for breaking the rules. Everyone agreed that this was a good idea and intended it purely for use on the bad guys. Nobody expected that it would be used on them. It was the typical stupidity that has carried us ever deeper into this trap.

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Good weekend to all our readers (including those in Australia who have got quite a long way forward with their Saturday)



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Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 20:44:00 +0200

From: Ant Phillips
Subject: [CosmicHistory]  List purpose

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I sent this out before, just after I sent Cosmic History 5 :
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 12:04:04 +0100
Hope it helps.  Love, Ant

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Dear Cosmic Historian,

I set this list up a little while ago, without saying what it was about, and what the barriers are (all "games" have barriers, others wise you score a goal in one, i.e. win immediately, and wonder what to do next).

The purpose of this list is to examine ideas for (long term) Cosmic History, the Pilot's and any others that duck up.

People have joined the list expecting that, and it seems to me a bit of a betrayal on my part if this comm line into peoples private email is used for other purposes. Therefore please do not do so (and if any one does, as may happen as I do not intend to check all incoming mail before it goes to you all, please direct any answeronly to the sender, not also the list).

After I had sent this set of extracts from the Pilot's Cosmic History out two or three times, and believed the stuff about the warping character of the Jewel (coming up shortly), I came to the conclusion that the only worth while goal would be to cleanse a group of the jewels abberating effects, and build a new universe for those who had thus been rescued from the jewel bad effects.

I must admit that when I first read about the jewel I had a feeling of "well this is a bit too much" (i.e. too unbelievable), but I have been well trained to suppress small thoughts of "not following the party line", so I did that (suppressed my feeling of its weirdness).

Now I feel there is something wrong there - but I also think that the present goals some have for long term processing, are sometimes a bit wacky (illogical), and that I better knowledge of our long term history will give a better basis for setting goals.

Years ago (1980/1) I worked with Admin Scales, and realised that a person might basically have something they would be really satisfied with working on, but if they did not have a reality that such a thing existed, they would never dream of setting it as a goal. Therefore in the goals setting area of the Admin scale, it was wise for a consultant to check out the clients reality.

And so I conclude that before setting up extensive bridges, paths, ladders, ways, or what ever you like to call it, one would be wise to get a grip on our situation now, which is a result of (our) Cosmic History (what ever it was). So it is wise to study Cosmic History. It is like if you want to sell fish in Timbuktu, you should find out what those peoples attitude to fish is. Get a reality on the area.

So study of Cosmic History is not something to rush.

So there is more coming!

Also, if you do comment on something (and please do so, add to the variety of ideas on our history) delete all of the mail you are answering, except the bit you are answering - those making it easy for the other 80 or so list members to understand and either reply or get on with their probably very full life).

All best wishes,

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