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Cosmic History 4+ Bodies

Concerning body death (from Pilot's fortnightly postings)

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More on         Bodies (or their absence)
Talking about bodies, the following may be of interest about the time when we don't have bodies.
It come from 28th Jan 1999. I suppose it has and it hasn't something to do with Cosmic History. (It is by the Pilot - part of one of the many bi monthly "post" he sent out when in his years of vigor)


Between Lives Exploration
After Death Processing Rundown
(From Post 44)

There has been a lot of speculation on the afterlife and the between lives

But it remains one of the great frontiers with little verified knowledge.

I do not consider subjective knowledge, perception, or recall to be
scientific proof or dependable data. It is the equivalent of rumors, a
half knowledge that is probably no more accurate than the European legends
of Cathay in the dark ages were in describing the actualities of China.

I am sold on the idea of reincarnation. I am certain that we continue on
beyond the death of the body.

But how much do we really know in a verifiable scientific sense? Not much
I'm afraid.

My own recalls and perceptions in this area are in fact subjective. Even
if I am closer to truth than others, I would not bet money on what I know
about the area.

Having a vague idea that there might be snow in the Himalayas is not the
same as having a detailed map to the peak of Mt. Everest.

Evan's excellent translations of ancient Tibetan scrolls points out an
interesting fact. They had an accurate perception that there was a
continent to the west which was a land of cattle eaters (American Indians
eating buffalo?). But they also had a laughably inaccurate map of the
world. They had a true knowledge that this was one world among many, but
lacked many of the simplest basics that would be in any child's astronomy

I think that this is the position that we are now in as regards to the
between lives area.

There is something there. There is a lot of half knowledge as to what.
But nothing is guaranteed.

And so I would call on real seekers of truth to attempt to report back on
whatever they can after death.

I don't think that it will be easy. The idea would be to try to find out
things and then to find some way to pass the data back here before

I know of cases where an OT picked up a new body and as a small child gave
out some bit of data from their earlier lifetime. There are cases where a
former life Scientologists has had processes rehabbed that had been run in
the earlier life and the meter phenomena behaved appropriately.

But I know of nobody who has come through with good continuous recall.
Even the OTs forget their previous life and then get back little bits of it.

Of course in general people might not want to remember their former lives
in detail. But somebody who was seeking truth would be an exception to
this because they would want every bit of data that they could get their
hands on.

Furthermore, the actual between lives sequence seems immensely harder to
recall than the earlier lifetimes. I've picked up bits of it (described in
Super Scio) but it's nothing that I would trust my recall on.

My working hypothesis right now is that we are still going through some
sort of memory wipeout between lives despite any wishful thinking that the
between lives implants have been eliminated or can easily be bypassed. But
it is also possible that this is simply coming about through some case
factor or that there is some simple thing that we have not yet understood
about the mechanics of memory. It is possible that the drop in havingness
at death is enough by itself to cause forgetfulness unless it is remedied.

As to what one might perceive between lives, there are various possibilities:

a) The real world (Earth, etc.)
b) Dreams
c) Implant Pictures
d) Other realities (including heavens & hells etc.) e) Shared Illusions

I can hardly guess at the laws governing these various things or their
relative degree of solidity. My advice is to be armed to the teeth with
processes and to be both flexible and fearless, neither letting oneself be
suckered into traps nor avoiding things.

We have a large array of objective OT drills which would be very useful.
Among the best are those in the first few chapters of Self Clearing.
Simple alternate spotting (the locational or attention process) is
extremely powerful in sorting out delusion from reality. The same goes for
mocking up copies alongside of real objects.

There have been various attempts to describe the between lives area. I
would suspect that these are all vague half truths and not entirely
accurate, but are well worth reading non-the-less so as to be properly

The best is Evan's translation of "The Tibetan Book of the Dead". A nice
second look with some insights of its own is "The American Book of the
Dead" by E.J. Gold. Monroe's books are also highly recommended. And there
are lots of interesting books in the new age section in the bookstores.


The After Death processing rundown.

On of the biggest problems is to avoid a crash in havingness due to the
loss of the body. One of the commonly described effects is that a person
in good shape who is not heavily drugged when they die will come out with
good exterior perception briefly and then will sink. This is described as
the "swoon" in the Tibetan materials. One has a clear moment and then
passes out and then comes briefly to consciousness again and so forth.
Gold describes this as being like dropping a ball, and it keeps bouncing up
again for awhile, but a bit lower each time.

I would suggest that one's first action on dropping the body is to
immediately work to raise havingness before one's perceptions begin to fade
or one begins to go unconscious or one starts following tunnels or whatever
looking for the light.

Best is probably a variation on the first process of self clearing chapter
11 which is to pick a mountain and drill ext/int on it. A mountain is a
big mass and it is a good anchor point to keep things located. Have a
favorite mountain and flatten the ext/int drill on it now before dropping
the body. Then go a bit further and drill alternately being the mountain
and simply holding it as an anchorpoint from a distance.

You want an ideal state where you can use this mountain as needed for mass
or orientation but you are not stuck in it or held back by it. Some of the
spiritualists worry about earthbound spirits who get too attached to the
Mest around here. So flatten ext/int in advance and also drill mocking up
copies of the mountain and throwing them away. You want it as a tool
rather than a limitation.

So, assuming these things have been flattened before dying, this gives us
process AD-1 to be done when one exteriorized and floats above the body as
it dies.

AD-1) Alternately, a) look down at the dead body while reaching into the
mountain as an anchor point, and b) be in the mountain, feeling the mass of
it and look at the surrounding area.

This can be practiced in advanced once you are up to holding a stable
position exterior above the body (as discussed in self clearing chapter
11). Simply do the above drill with the body lying down with its eyes closed.

Next would be to raise perception and further improve havingness.

AD-2) Run either simple alternate spotting or mental reach and withdraw
(chapters 1 or 2 of self clearing) on the environment around the body which
one has dropped. Use whichever one (or both) gives you the best feeling of
havingness and orientation.

According to the Tibetan book of the dead, you will tend to use a spiritual
mockup of your current body as it died and you want to alter this
immediately so that you don't get stuck in that form. They furthermore
recommend that if any demons show up to scare you (to chase you into the
womb or whatever), you mock yourself up as a bigger and more frightful
demon and scare them right back.

This is all good advice and should be drilled. In preparation, run the
self clearing chapter on Bodies while you are alive and well. Then drill
the following, and use it as your third step after dropping the body.

AD-3) a) mock yourself up in an young, powerful, ideal body (this can
be an improved version of your current body or whatever you like and
feel comfortable with) b) mock yourself up as a fearsome demon (for self
defense only) c) mock yourself up as being the mountain used in the earlier
drill d) mock yourself up in whatever you conceive of to be an ultimate
godlike form

Alternate between these 4 forms quickly until you can easily shift between
them and don't feel stuck in any particular one.

You might want to add a 5th form after the godlike form above which would
be a cloud form that permeates things. Cloud forms are often ideal for
many things but there is some early track charge on these. So see if you
can flatten a simple process on alternately being a mountain and a cloud
(before dying). If it goes well, add it to the above list.

The 3 processes above should be done first to get one well oriented and
raise havingness. Then it is time to handle the death incident.

AD-4) Run the death incident by alternately a) spot something in the
environment b) spot something in the incident

Note that you have to be really careful about keeping your havingness high
at this point, so I think that the above is the only safe incident running
technique to use to avoid going into a reviv of the incident and loosing
present time perception.

After facing the impact of the incident, there still may be charge on the
loss involved. It is important to flatten this and it would be best to use
an easy technique that can be done in present time. So I would recommend
the "blow it up" process from the first ACC.

AD-5) Mockup the body (alive and well) in various places and blow it up.
If you have trouble holding a stable position while doing this, locate
yourself above (or in) the aforementioned mountain and project the mockups
from there. Continue as long as any grief turns on at blowing the body up.
Note that you shouldn't be in the body that you're blowing up, just
project the mockup various places.

This can be run again with copies of the dead body, blowing those up too to
get over any remaining flinch at the dead body. If a good bit of charge
comes off on this, then check over the original version (alive and well)
again to see if any more charge on the loss is now available to be run.

Finally, we want to ensure retaining some recall, and there may be a
tendency to forget simply because one no longer has the mass of the body to
keep one oriented to the lifetime.

The thing to do would be to pick some special moments in this lifetime and
use them as anchor points to the recall. Again, these should be selected
in advance and run through occasionally so that they are easy to connect

Pick a half dozen or a dozen especially nice moments in time in the current
lifetime, preferably ones which have some significance and will help you to
remember other things when you want to. It might help to number these and
think of the year they occurred along with the scene.

When I talked about the possibility of time being reset in Super Scio, I
suggested that some key points be picked to act as triggers to recall in
case you should find yourself going through the same lifetime again. The
same list could be used for both purposes.

For drilling this before death, shift into the mountain and recall the list
of key moments from there because you will not have the option of recalling
them from the body after dropping it.

So the process would be:

AD-6) Shift into the mountain, using it to remain oriented to PT, and
recall each of the key moments in this lifetime (the one just completed).

It might also help to mockup favorite possessions that have good recalls
associated with them.

The one time that my body dematerialized in this lifetime, I was extremely
forgetful and very dimwitted. I described that in Super Scio chapter 9. In
that case there was no impact and no implants, it was simply a side effect
of being without the mass and energy of the body briefly. I expect that to
happen after dropping the body.

But in my one near death experience (also described in Super Scio), I was
out with extremely clear perception and full intelligence, possibly because
the body was still present and alive even though it had shut down completely.

I think that in actually dropping the body, the high awareness state will
be there briefly and then one will sink into the forgetful not too bright
state as the energy level drops. This would match the Tibetan description
of having a good moment followed by the swoon.

I can't guarantee how effective the above drills will be in avoiding the
swoon nor can I be sure that one would have enough time to complete them
before sinking. I do think that the processes should be capable of pulling
you back up if you keep at them long enough, repeating the entire series a
few times if necessary. But you might have to be able to continue them
through a heavy period of mental fogginess.

So drill the entire set of processes, AD-1 to 6 a number of times until you
can do it easily. And then repeat it at least once a year so that it stays
fresh in your mind and is at your fingertips.

For drilling before death, on AD-4, running the death, you could pick a
death in a movie you watched recently (so you'll have some things to spot
in the "incident") and run it to a mild win of recalling the movie scene

Process AD-5, blowing up copies of the body, is fun even before death and
blows some charge on the current body, so don't be afraid to use it before
death, it doesn't hurt the body. This is a nice one to do simply for its
own gains.

And shifting between the mountain, an ideal body, a scary body, a godlike
body, and a cloud form is also a nice process in its own right. So these
are all good drills under any circumstances.

You might also want to drill shifting between a few different mountains at
least once so that you don't get too fixated on one.


When you do drop the body, run through the above set of processes
immediately, you don't know how long you will retain a clear state of

Repeat the entire set if necessary until you feel better and have
confidence that you can hold a stable position and retain recall. You
might have to keep some kind of form mocked up to stay oriented.
Occasionally thereafter, you might want to run through the set of processes

Up until you get this done, you should ignore anything that shows up. Just
treat it as a distraction. If there are opportunities or whatever, one
would expect them to repeat once they've got your attention, so just ignore
any tunnels, pearly gates, visitors, or whatever until you finish your

Once you are done, then it is time to explore and learn things. Here the
sky is the limit.

Unless I was otherwise distracted, my first action would be to go around
and visit people and try to establish communication.

In the western tradition, one is drawn down a tunnel and rushes towards
"the light at the end of the tunnel". In the Tibetan materials they
suggest that you don't let yourself be pulled or pushed around but either
remain unmoving or move in a reverse direction because these things are
trying to get you to go to your fate rather than your desire.

This is good advice. However, if I was feeling gutsy and fairly confident
of shifting out of a flow or a picture and back to the mountain when I
wanted, I might go along with something or even step into a possible
implant just to see what I could learn. I might also go into something
while also holding an external anchor point (such as a mountain) on a
similar basis.

Next, the western tradition is that you are met by friends and family who
have died (usually this is at the end of the tunnel). The Tibetan material
says that you will be met by beneficial entities (even if you resist going
down any tunnels). Other traditions generally have some kind of similar
meetings with guides or whatever.

I would suspect that all of these are seeing the same thing from different
perspectives and with different dub-in layered on top of an actual truth.
In other words, you will run into something which either is a friendly
force or is pretending to be a friendly force (be careful) at this stage.

I would further suggest that what looks like a relative or a savior or a
benevolent goddess should not be taken at face value. However, you may be
dealing with a friendly force, so be polite and not offensive. Try doing
some light processing, teaching, and exchange of knowledge and see how that
goes. Think of the alien in Sagan's "Contact" wearing a friendly form to
put the heroine at ease. But this could also be bait for a trap, so take care.

After the benevolent entities, the Tibetan materials say that the nasty
ones will show up. Here you can use the scary form if needed. But even
with demons I'd be inclined to talk first and to process unless they are
determined to make trouble.

According to them, near the end of the nasty ones, they will try to judge
you and you should reject the judgment. There also seems to be a judgment
step in most of the other traditions and the Tibetan advice seems good for

Eventually, according to the book of the dead, all this stuff will die down
and you can go about the business of looking for a nice body which has some
money in an area where religious studies are possible.

According to Ron, there will be between lives implants, and they will try
to sucker you in with nice pictures of pearly gates or whatever and then
hit you with an implant and you should just sidestep these and look for a
body on your own because they wouldn't actually help you find one but just
dump you back here to look for yourself after wiping your recall.

According to some of the other spiritual traditions, and also according to
Monroe, souls will tend to cluster together and form some sort of shared
mockup and exchange data before selecting a new lifetime.

According to many traditions, there may be heavens and hells or other
places that you might go to.

According to Dante, Christ ended up in hell and tore the place apart and
rescued people before resurrecting. Not a bad idea if you can do it, and
if that's a bit too tough, then scare off the demons and shift back to the
mountain if you find yourself in such a place.

I would be inclined to explore these things and even to take chances, but
also to hang onto anchor points and visit people and keep doing various
processes. I would think that any process which you can remember would be
worth trying again in the between lives area.

It would be best to be loaded for bear before tangling with the between
lives area. Learn as much as you can and process as much as you can first.
Even if your body is in bad shape, I would recommend hanging on and
processing as long as possible rather than dropping it.

At the top one materializes and dematerializes real bodies at will. That
makes you senior to any cycle of life and death. I'm not there yet, but
it's where we are going. You don't need to die to do this, instead you
unmock the body and then mock it up again.

As I see it, there is no need to drop the body to continue research as Ron
was reported to have done. I suspect that that was just a shore story. But
if one is stuck with the fact of the body having died, then use it as part
of the research effort.

And please try to report back whatever you find out.

In the meantime, the after death rundown should be practiced, not only
against the possibility of dying by accident, but also to make it safe to
unmock the body if you get up to that level. That one time where my body
did vanish left me feeling that it was unsafe to do that, because I forgot
so much while I was in that state that I might not have remembered to come
back if the girl hadn't been there calling me.

Good Luck, The Pilot

It is interesting that the Pilot has at the moment gone through something of a near death experience - Intensive Care is probably not much fun, though I have not tried it.
I have no objection to people doing what they want to do, and not doing what they do not want to do, and the Pilot has chosen to retire from being the Pilot, so it is possible that we will not hear much of what he has experienced.
But we can keep our fingers crossed :-)

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