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Reset Time - 5

2. HEAVEN AND HELL "sideways" (4th dimension) to this universe

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We are back in the sequence of Reset Time emissions. Looks like we have got 6 and 7 of Reset Time to come , and then we will start back on Cosmic History. But don't forget, that your questions and comments are welcome. Ant 030711
040917 there may be a pause before we start resending Cosmic History - and perhaps someone else will post something from the Pilot's work.
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Dear ivy-subscriber,

Here is more on the Pilot's Theory of Reset Time, from the latter part of his book Supper Scio (I have it in Ss-8.txt)

... so that it becomes possible to deliver implants to the entire population of the "pocket universe" if necessary.


I didn't used to believe in the existence of heaven and hell. I figured that these were simply pictures used to lure or chase people into the between lives implants. Running track, these things never showed up in space opera or anywhere else in the physical universe before earth. These kinds of mockups did show up in places like the magic universe, but that is quite a different mockup from this one.

However, running the items of the PT Actual GPM opened up some recall on just about every lifetime I spent here on earth and also pulled up a few time periods spent in one of the heavens or hells or in the purgatory-like between lives admin area. So there does seem to be something to this, and it seems to be a local phenomena that only applies to recent earth track.

The heavens and hells seem to be used according to the Buddhist theories rather than in the absolute manner preached by Christianity.

If one leads an exceedingly good life, such as sacrificing oneself for others, one might be given a sort of vacation in one of the heavens. My one experience with this was that it was very nice but mostly a scam. I only actually experienced a few weeks at the beginning and at the end of my stay plus an implant in between that told me I had a good time for a couple hundred years. The mockups just take too much work to make it cost effective for them to deliver more than a taste of heaven.

As to hell, they count on you punishing yourself through the overt motivator sequence. But where that fails because the overts aren't real to you, they adjust your reality with a stay in hell.

Unfortunately, their judgment of good and evil are based on arbitraries. Things such as violating physical universe laws are considered evil. If there is anything behind the current religious superstitions, then the between lives boys probably sentenced Christ to hell for his working of miracles. And he probably tore the place up and lead a whole bunch of people out of there as described in Dante.

After a stay in hell (which is generally very brief), you are usually set to work in between lives admin to make amends. There you spends decades of tedium pushing papers around or whatever to keep the between lives machinery working.

If you're viciously harmful in a good cause, you generally get sent to hell as a demon to torture others instead of as a victim. You're supposed to get disgusted with yourself and flatten any harmful desires while not actually being punished because you did something good.

The god of this pocket universe is basically a prison warden. He and his staff are also convicts, but they are evil people who did great service to the empire and are being reward (by getting to play god) while being kept in exile because the empire doesn't want them around. Note that the existence of a sour local god neither proves nor invalidates the existence of a supreme being. The theta flow that some holy men connect with is certainly not a manifestation of this petty local tyrant.

According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, there are many heavens and hells of varying appearance and qualities, some being higher or lower than others. They consider that most of the heavens are mere pleasure places where one cannot gain any true spiritual advancement. Buddha considered the entire cycle, including going to heaven and hell etc., to be a trap.

The between lives area including the heavens and hells seems to be sideways of our physical plane. See the various other materials where I have discussed 4 dimensional mockups. In the local area, if you exteriorize and go sideways in a 4th direction without moving in the normal 3 dimensions, you will find various mockups of heaven & hell etc. The various "invader" installations, implant machinery, etc. is all there in this odd direction. This is why you can exteriorize and find bases on Mars or orbital stations around Venus that are not visible in our telescopes. You have shifted sideways slightly in a 4th dimension.

A 4 dimensional structure is only to be expected since this is a prison area. Perception and most mockups were narrowed down to 3 dimensions sometime before home universe. But 4 dimensional spaces can still be handled (with great difficulty) and are used for things such as building prisons and implanting precisely because they are difficult to perceive and figure out.

The pocket universe seems to extend out to a distance of 1.3 light years. At this distance, there are 12 "zodiac masses" which are the generating stations that manipulate the 4D space time. I call them zodiac masses because they correspond to the 12 signs of the zodiac and may be used as part of the between lives implant to lay in a bit of an astrological pattern. Out beyond this distance is normal space/time. Out there the universe has a 4D thickness, but all the layers are identical. Here, in the prison, they have pried apart the edges and used them for the fake heavens and hells and also to provide storage areas which are capable of holding copies of the Earth reality so that they can store the mockup for re-use as needed.


I'd had a bunch of odd

Hi, Have a good weekend, Ant

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