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Reset Time - 4


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Dear ivy-subscriber, (Sent a day early as we have a public holiday here and I am away on Sat)

Before continuing the Pilot's bit on this, since we have Quoted Robert's opinion on the reset time idea, I would like to quote something he wrote recently in act. on a thread entitled "what is the REAL game?" (This is entry 8 on the thread. I only downloaded his entries)
At 12:01 PM 4/9/2002 -0400, C of A wrote:

>"Robert D." wrote:
> > At 11:02 AM 4/9/2002 -0400, Larry Geis wrote:
> > >Jontu,
> > >    By revealing the data on LTA
> >
> > LTA??
> >
>"Last Time Around"
>The Idea that you have lived this lifetime before. Some parallels with Pilot's
>'Reset Time' stuff.

But they're two different theories, if I'm not mistaken.  One says that it
happened before, maybe thousands, millions, billions or trillions of years
ago while the other would say that time was manipulated by some beings to
where we're reexperiencing the same time frame but in a different but
parallel time stream.  That last theory I have a hard time swallowing.  But
it has been the subject of some intriguing science fiction stories.  I
haven't totally made up my mind yet as to what to believe on this.  Maybe
Tommy T or someone else who claims personal experience with it could
enlighten us on this one.


If that is what Robert believes The Pilot's reset time is, then I am not surprised that Robert is skeptical. There is a saying written by Shakespeare that there is more on heaven and earth than your or my philosophy can encompass (bad memory quote). I think there are lots of "truths" which I would find difficult to believe . That we are active in another universe while we sleep may be is true, though I don't think it has much relevance to the price of fish.
I have also heard something about every instant has two (or is it infinity) possibilities and each results in a new universe, which I have difficulty swallowing, and again can not see much relevance to everyday life. I do believe there can be (or are) millions of universes in existence at this moment, which therefore could be regarded as parallel. But I believe they are mostly vastly different, and mostly incomprehensible to us (there was a theory that the Sea Org dramatisation came from some "half tuning in" to such a universe!)

But I don't read the Pilot's reset time as having any connection to that. The very title "Reset Time" gives the clue.

Any way. Enough introduction

****************************************** (continuing 12. THEORY OF RESET TIME)

We have been assuming all along that we are in the main framework of the current physical universe. We see a galaxy full of stars around us and assume that it is there and we are a part of it. And that galaxy is definitely one of the group of galaxies that makeup the current physical universe. It has a pretty distinctive look, quite different from the magic universe. Space opera incidents of running around in this galaxy are quite easy to find on PCs.

But there are other things besides the large scale, full fledged, agreed upon universes. Besides the independent little universes used for implanting or story telling or whatever, it is also possible for the big universes to have little side pockets. These pocket universes are not quite independent. They connect to the main universe and mostly share its laws. But the laws can be different and the space-time is a bit sideways of the main universe. It is possible to manipulate the space and time in these little side universes without having to manipulate the huge agreed upon universe.

The Home universe matrix was nothing more than a simple agreed upon space that provided a reference point from which endless little pocket universes could be set up. These pocket universes were the individual home universes of the thetans involved.

Pocket universes were still quite common even as late as the symbols universe. It was not unusual to walk sideways into a painting on the wall and find yourself in another three dimensional space which could be considered to be a pocket universe of the large agreed upon symbols universe.

Pocket universes have become very rare. But is it still possible for a group of OTs to get together and push a space time framework sideways of the normal space-time and create a pocket universe. Although pockets are often small, they can also be so big that one could easily contain this solar system. It would also be possible to surround one with a pre-recorded image of the galaxy, or even to relay a real view of the current galaxy into it. You could toss all sorts of undesirables and convicts into such a construction.

Would it make any difference if we're in a pocket universe instead of the main framework of the physical universe? Unfortunately, it does. If we are in a space-time pocket, it becomes possible for the people controlling the prison machinery to manipulate space-time in a manner that would be inconceivable if applied to the full sized physical universe. The very structure of space-time in this local might be designed expressly for the purpose of using earth as a prison. And everybody is sitting on a single planet so that it becomes possible to deliver implants to the entire population of the "pocket universe" if necessary.


There is more to come next week!

Have a good weekend,


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