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Reset Time 3

12. THEORY OF RESET TIME Introduction and a "funny" auditing story

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Here's number 3 in Reset time And we are back to the Pilot.

******************************************************* From Super Scio (my file Ss-8.txt near end of book)

17 Dec. 1992

The theory given here is so incredible that even I have to look at it with some doubt and reservation. If true, the implications are immense. But it reads like the wildest science fiction, far beyond the easily accepted space opera style material that we are used to encountering. As a PC, I have no doubts about the incidents described here. They ran with great reality and good meter behavior, showing large reads on dating, blowdowns on running, and going to proper EPs. As an auditor, I run whatever is there to run without any Q & As about the PCs data. But as a researcher, I have to allow for the possibility that the incidents contained a high degree of dub-in and that the conclusions are incorrect. Eventually I may find that these are simply twisted up and misdated incidents which occurred long ago. But it would be wrong to withhold potentially vital information even though it might be wrong data. So here it is. Just take it with a grain of salt and don't jam it down anybody's throat.

Before going into the theory, I would like to provide a bit more clarification on how one can be mislead by session data. Many years ago, I was running a PC on Dianetics and he started running an incident of being grabbed by invaders and implanted. The incident had a heavy somatic of suffocating. The date was "last night". My first thought was that we either had a wrong date or serious dub-in. But I did not jump down the PC's throat and correct the date. That would have been quite a mistake because the date was correct. The PC's data turned out to be correct too and the incident ran well, everything going by the book. If we hadn't taken one last pass through, I might have been left either doubting the PC's data or having wild ideas about saucer people sneaking into peoples homes and implanting them late at night. As it turned out, the PC was having a very real dream about being implanted while his cat was sitting on his face delivering a very real suffocating somatic along with a purring rumble that seemed like some sort of implant vibration. The moral is to always take the PC's data no matter how wild and illogical it seems, but don't jump to wild conclusions based on insufficient information.



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