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Reset Time 2

Three comments on the Pilot's Reset Time theory

From: Ant Phillips
Subject: [CosmicHistory]  Reset Time  - 2

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Dear CosmicHistorian, and possibly Reset Time Doubter (Your free to
think for yourself!),

Written 23rd March 2011 - Due to The "Revelation" I had a few years
ago, and further thoughts, mention on this list recently, I have this idea.

The Pilot picked up incidents which tied up with his reality of
things getting worse in recent universes, and as a result fitted some
pieces of the "jigsaw" puzzle together incorrectly. He also failed
(as far as I can see) to apply data on Not Know. But I think his
ability to "research" (using a meter, and looking at past incidents)
was quite high. So I looked at the following possibility.

This is not a Prison Planet. It is however a planet which is a giant
playing field (or field/area of many occupations) for us, which is
controlled by other thetans (who do not "Not Know" some of the things
we "Not Know"). And when we (the planet full of us) do really mess up
things, they apparently do reset time, the way the Pilot describes.
As an analogy, if we (citizens of earth) are playing football, these
socalled "prison Warders" are actually the groundsmen (perhaps that
term is only used in English sports) who mow the grass, paint lines
on it, and perhaps also keep hooligans away, so we can concentrate on
playing football.

Now on to a replay of two earlier item in the reset time Pilot's series.


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From: Antony Phillips
Subject: IVySubs: Reset Time 2
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Dear ivy-subscriber,
Todays weekly contribution is not from the Pilot. I got the despatch below
years ago, and as you see it was then marked confidential. And note the
date. 1997 was the year Super Scio, with its theory of Reset Time came out.

Note, in 2001 Robert gave me permission to publish.
For years Robert has been auditing by telephone where he holds a single hand
emeter electrode and gets readings from the pc telepathically. It works for
him and others. Robert is not on ivy-subscribers. He contributes
frequently to alt.clearing-technology
He wrote to me recently:
 > Both me and my PC had knowledge of the Pilot's data on reset time.  I'm
 > still not sure whether I agree with this concept or not.  I lean toward not
 > believing in somebody manipulating time and resetting it.  I do believe in
 > earlier similar track though.

Subject: Re: Time reset session
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 15:19:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Robert Ducharme"   [the address here was outdated and Robert's
present address is]
To: Multiple recipients of list

I'm putting this on the ([ private list, name removed]) for now
because he asked me to send a copy to him before I put out over the
Internet, just to make sure the facts are accurate from his perspective. I
will re post it onto clear-1 as soon as I hear from him.

First I want to preface what I say with the following facts.

My PC is originally from Russia and the time reset supposedly took place in
1985. He became aware of the whole thing while doing a drug called "extasy"
which is classified as a stimulant rather than a hallucinogenic. It is
chemically related to amphetimenes. On my end I was seeing a lot of TA
action, even though I personally had no charge or reality on this sort of
thing. In fact, his statements about the flatness of an action always
coincided with a blowdown on my end (we're thousands of miles apart).

We actually ran the session as a narrative because the incident stayed on
his mind and had been bothering him since it got restimulated.

Because of his case state, we had to break down the session into two parts,
five days apart. The first session was 58 minutes long. The [second] session was one
hour and nine minutes long. What we ran was an incident that happened from
1985 thru 1999 and two shock moments that "happened" in 1999. His main
feelings connected with it were fear - especially of the end of the
incident, no hope, devastated, and everything is over.

The extasy experience took place two months ago, in which he remembered the
event that happened from 1985 on forward. Most of the incident was not
charged, but it was still peculiar for him in that it was on another time

The story went that in 1985, instead of Gorbachev being in power, a guy
named Romanov, a hard liner was in power instead. The general secretary of
the party had died (Chernyenko I believe). The cold war continued until
1999. In that year Clinton was also the American president then.

In 1999 my pc was at in the kitchen at his grandmother's apartment and his
relatives were in the living room watching the news on an old style tv. The
announcer said that the Soviet Union was at war with U.S. It was a nuclear
war too.

There were two major shock moments that had to be run. The first was the
initial announcement of the war in his grandmother's apartment, the second
happened when he was in a subway preparing for the attack and he heard the
explosion which took place in the air above Moscow.

After the explosion took place, he went out to find his home, which by then
was rubble. He realized he was getting high doses of radiation, but by then
nothing mattered any more including the prospect of death.

As we ran the different viewpoints, another viewpoint came to view. This was
the viewpoint of beings on a higher plane, that could be described as
overlords in the game. Their attitude was evidently something like "Oh no,
they went and did it. Why can't they do things right". My pc said that it
seemed like it was a major hassle for them, but they then proceeded to reset
time to 1985 again.

There were major blowdowns in the session, and my pc felt relieved of the
whole thing by the end of it. I have to
conclude that this incident was quite real to him. It was told in great
detail as though it was a typical this-lifetime incident.

Next time we are back to the Pilot. I will be in England at the conference, [written in 2011]
but I hope I can get some one else to post to you.
And we have started resending Cosmic History to SuperScio-l and thus to a.c.t
and ivy-x [written in 2011]

All best wishes,


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From: "Damian Molenwyn"
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** from SuperScio-L **


Well, I've actually been hoping this theory of reset time would be a
topic on this mailing list, so thanks Ant!!!
Even though it seems no one is willing to put up any posts on this
list (I can't put my finger on the why, but... whatever!) I am going
to give some feedback in the hopes perhaps this will evoke a
discussion... finally ;-)

Well, during the time that I read the theory of reset time in the
Super Scio I have had some major keyouts, and a few big cognitions. I
remember some of the incidents the Pilot also refers to such as: the
room of people laying down in some sort of trance receiving comms
from people sitting next to them. Also the incredible "mock-up"
battle to attack the source of the local troubles in this part of the
galaxy seems not to have vanished from my memory completely. But my
personal experience with this material put aside I believe this
theory should even be stressed more then the pilot has. Imagine there
is truth to the theory, and the whole Scientology thing has been done
before (presumably better or at least differently). This could mean
that the rehab of this other timeline(s) in ones memory could open up
all kinds of lost OT abilities etc. I can't imagine any other way to
shortcut the whole grades, OT levels etc. in one time!
Of course it won't be quite as easy as I am making it sound, but
nevertheless it's probably the chapter in the Pilots works that
should be researched as thoroughly as possible and as fast as possible!

Great thanks to the Pilot & Ant for posting this particular chapter!!!!!!!


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