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Cosmic History 1

Antony's Introductin 1. INTRODUCTION (Author, The Pilot (Ken Ogger) )

Subject: [CosmicHistory]  Cosmic History 1

Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2014 06:42:00 +0100
From: Ant Phillips

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Dear CosmicHistorian,

Here we go. I will be commenting in a separate letter to the list shortly.
All best wishes,


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Dear ivy-subscriber,

The Pilots work, especially his Cosmic History, interests me very much.

The way our history is described in Hubbard's works (tapes, books) has seemed to me a bit jumbled, and when he talked of other (shared) universes, I always thought they existed now (except the Magic Universe, which Ray Kemp has also talked about in IVy). Of course, there can exist shared universes "parallel" [in time] to ours.

In Section 18 of The Pilot's Cosmic History there is the following sentence: "Most of the theta line incidents described in Hubbard's History of Man are from this time period."
Fascinating. I had read or heard about 'bodies' people fighting 'thetans' and speculated as to how it would be, but never conceived it in this context.

Cosmic History is quite a large work (link on our Home page). Here is an extract from the very beginning. (I am using it for my daily "reading" exercise, which seems to keep me from needing reading glasses in my old age)

Good Weekend, Hi, Ant




We have come down through a long series of universes. All of the more advanced sources seem to be aware of this, most notably the Tibetan scriptures and L. Ron Hubbard's investigations of 1952. However, no one has ever provided a detailed description of the sequence or characteristics of these universes. If we have indeed fallen from a godlike state, then the universes themselves must follow some sort of a dwindling progression and the mechanics of that decay must reflect, on the whole, how we have come to be in the state that we are in.

This document will attempt to sketch out the broad outlines and provide a context which will hopefully support further research. I cannot guarantee that all the information given here is exactly correct. The best I can do is to say that I think it comes reasonably close. But of one thing I am certain, the picture can be no less complex than that presented here. If I have erred, it is on the side of missing things rather than putting too much there. Nothing less would serve to explain the degree to which we have fallen.

Before embarking on an actual discussion of the history, it is important to define my usage of the word "universe" because it is used in many sloppy ways in the field of metaphysics.

By universe, I mean a complete system of space and time. And for this discussion, I mean specifically those large agreed upon universes in which we all have lived.

There is not a one to one mapping between the points in space within one universe and those in another. A universe can have more than one 3 dimensional plane and can also have other 3 dimensional spaces (bubbles or pockets) tied to it. These are all considered to be part of the same universe because there is a mapping of points and there is a correspondence of time and there is a carry over of physical laws. But truly separate universes do not tie together in a direct manner and do not have identical laws. Note that you can setup transfer points between separate universes, but these are arbitrary points linked together without any correlation.

The current universe is one of very strict physical laws and is best characterized as a highly mechanical MEST (Matter/ Energy/ Space/ Time) oriented creation. The immediately preceding universe was one of Magic where physical laws were not quite as solid. Just as the literature of science fiction hints at the flavor of our life in this universe, the literature of fantasy hints at the nature of the Magic universe. But even the magic universe was quite physical and highly structured in its own context. As we work backwards from this universe, we see that each preceding universe was slightly less solid and more conducive to thought until we reach the earliest ones where the Thetan (Spirit / that which thinks) is senior and the physical aspects are trivial things that can be modified by the merest whim.

Let us now go all the way back and set the stage for the entire procession of universes.


Before anything exists, there can only be nothing, But the preternatural nothingness must have a potential, and that potential must be infinite because an infinity of creations has descended from it. If there had been no potential, then we would not exist, and if the potential had been limited, we would have ground to a halt long ago.
(it continues quite a way!!!!)

Antony Phillips.
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Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2014 07:25:00 +0100
From: Ant Phillips
Subject: [CosmicHistory]  Comment on Cosmic History 1

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Sent previously 2nd oct 2010

Dear CosmicHistorian,

So far as understanding life, and the universe my two great heros are L.Ron Hubbard, and Ken Ogger.

Before I ran into Ron's work the whole thing was a mystery (with me at effect). Now I feel relatively at peace with the way things are. Also somewhat disbelieving in some things Ron and the Pilot (KenO) have said.

Ron laid the ground to my understanding. At one point I had to learn the (then 50)
Scientology Axioms by heart (I had to write them down from memory to pass an exam to be recognised as a "professional auditor", that was in 1956. So I recommend a thorough knowledge of the axioms. Perhaps clay demo, but not under a supervisor who possibly wants you to do them according to his understanding or do them fast to get a good statistic.

There are a couple of things I would say in this connection. Ron did his best to convey these principles in the English language (he was a bit slow in recognising that some people on earth spoke other languages). However he also developed the
know to mystery scale, and an understanding of life involves being at the top of that scale, whereas language lies at symbols, a few steps down. He used the term, for instance "game". Here he did his best, groping around in a fairly wide ability to use the English language (sharpened, no doubt by the very fact that he made his living from writing, amongst other things what critics describe as "Science fiction" but he wrote many other types of fiction, where he had to communicate to a wide public to earn his daily bread) to find a symbol (word) to communicate a much wider concept.

Another thing that Ron gave us was the concept of
not-know (of course, in describing things above words he came to invent some words). The concept of not-know came out in the 50's and I have not seen much reference to it since, but to me it is a vital part of the "puzzle" of life.

In my childhood there was a game called "battleships". The rules made you play it on squared paper, and both side were allowed a specific number of different types of battleship (I have forgotten their names, it was based on prior to atomic warfare times :-) ). The different types occupied a different number of squares, and you placed them where you wanted. The squares were numbered, and you shot in the "enemies" (whoops, I mean opponents) squares, aiming to sink all his battle ships before all yours got sunk with direct hits on all the squares the battleships occupied. The game was meaningless if you could see all the "enemies" squares, so a primitive means of not-knowing what his/her squares were was done - a shield hiding the opponents squares.

And here we come to a third important component of life, which Ron wrote up as
axiom 2. Paraphrasing (using words, just symbols) to try and convey something way above words: "life is capable of consideration, postulates and opinions". Until you postulate that you can not (and probably not-know that you made that postulate) anythingis possible for you.

Both Ron and The Pilot were unduly pessimistic. While praising them to the sky for certain things, I am critical of certain utterances of theirs and reserve the right to state my criticisms on this list. But it is a discussion list, where snippets of the Pilot will be presented (I presume a knowledge on your part of Scientology, or access to unedited writings and tapes of Ron).

And in this first (short) introduction to Cosmic History, the Pilot has actually done some important things. I know it is short, and later parts of this serialization are longer, but it is important, so perhaps read it again.

The pilot says in what I have just sent you:
... If we have indeed fallen from a godlike state, then the universes themselves must follow some sort of a dwindling progression and the mechanics of that decay ...

Pessimism!!   ...fallen ... decay ...

You have not fallen. You have not decayed. Look around you. Perhaps you have a carefully woven carpet there, and other articles of beauty. Look at the world around you. Mountains, seas, natural wonders, man made wonders, animals, plants, made by us out of basics we have created . This started from nothing. we, the big we, the large team, created this. You are still godlike, but not-knowing the fact to have what Ron called a game (suggestions for a better word, a better symbol, to communicate something beyond words?).

Perhaps you believe in a big God who did all this intricate creation, including you. I do not. I believe the truth is more wonderful and more empowering.

I suggest you grant yourself a little more beingness. The beingness of a (Pilot's symbols) godlike being who played a part in the giant work of creating this "playing field" (I think Ron's symbols, again for something beyond words/symbols).
Grant your self the beingness of a god, co-creator, and now "player" in this "game"

And join me in the examination of this "silly theory" of mine :-)

All best wishes,


Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2014 08:10:16 +0100
From: Ant Phillips Subject: [CosmicHistory] Impatient [Coming to you via the CosmicHistory Internet list server]
First sent 2nd October 2010.

Dear student of Cosmic History (either of the truth, or Ken Ogger's
fantasy :-) )

For the last ten years or so I have been curious as to whether there
were other explanations that rang as "true" (read, as they say in
Scientology) as Ken Ogger's. I had given up looking in Eastern
works, though did pick up the Book of the Dead, but found it beyond me.

I have asked around for an explanation of Cosmic History.

Was offered for example the Captain Bill version, including the LTA
(last time around, I think) version, where we repeat the same things,
slightly differently. If that is true, I want to know who mocked it
up that way, and how. In view of the enthusiasm for the LTA part of
it, I felt it would be futile looking for more so gave up.

Other times I asked I was referred to things to do with gen
manipulation of humans by extraterrestrials, but I wanted to know how
earth (terra) came about so there could be things like earthlings and
extraterrestrials, and how chromosomes (a really fantastic
programming language) came about.

It seemed that when I looked for the beginning, I was refered to
"games" that were played more recently (mostly in this universe).

In my browsings I was referred to the "Life Between Lives" concept,
pioneered by three books by Michael Newton. This looked very
interesting, and at a later date (when we have looked at the Magic
Universe) I may give you some ideas of how it could fit into the
Magic Universe and Present Universe picture.

So I am impatient, and a bigot. Well, not very much to the degree
that I am interested in your viewpoint on this subject, and I have
often found that one learns by teaching. And I have, I think, learned
to learn by my mistakes.

Now I'll send you this, and see if anything has come in on the list
while I have been out cycling in rather windy autumn weather -
enjoying seeing the countryside with "new eyes". The Health service
has handled my cataract and now I can see better than I have been
able to for the last ten to fifteen years.

All best wishes,


Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2014 12:55:48 -0800
From: Joe Warren
To: cosmic history list
Subject: Re: [CosmicHistory] Comment on Cosmic History 1

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I acknowledge your optimism Ant in all the wonderful things that we have created.  But I think LRH and Buddha and many others saw the degradation around including sickness, poverty, and unhealthy conditions and wondered... why?

The more scientology I've done has allowed me to live quite peacefully and with much happiness.. but I quite possibly wouldn't have ever achieved that without Scientology.

So I think they focused in on one end of the spectrum of conditions, and not only asked, why can't we all live this way.. but both of these guys (LRH and Ken) tried to implement ways to get those stuck in it, unstuck.

It's quite possible also that as one conquers conditions for self, they expand their dynamics to include the welfare of all - not turning a blind eye to the less fortunate.

Sometimes the person people despise because he is stamping his feet, demanding improvement is not a rabblerouser, rather he is the person that cares the most.

There may be abundance of beauty to behold, but for what good reason does illness, weakness, insanity, etc. play a role?  I agree there should be a lot less of these in the world.

Joe Warren

On 2/28/2014 10:25 PM, Ant Phillips wrote:

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Sent previously 2nd oct 2010
Dear CosmicHistorian,
So far as understanding life, and the universe …..

Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2014 13:10:59 -0800
From: Joe Warren
To: cosmic history list
Subject: Re: [CosmicHistory]Impatient

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I've found LTA solely IF there was no success LTA.  Just like karma or quitting a job/relationship only to run into the same problems in the next one.  The issue is inherent in the individual and they need to work themselves out of it.  Once 'graduated', they can move on and no need for a repeat.  They can create anew.  So the mock-up may not have been mocked up that way in particular but rather following a law of the universe to work out one's solutions.  Axiom 48 - Life is a game wherein theta as the static solves the problems of theta as mest.  But who mocks this law up?  Must be some early decision in games formation by a Game Maker.  Who is the game maker?  That is for each and every one to decide.

Joe Warren

When I solve a case I always ask the pc for one unnamed favor. Ive never called these favors in. The favor I tell you now for the first time: Whatever else you are, be a good Scientologist and help me clear these Earth people. LRH

On 2/28/2014 11:10 PM, Ant Phillips wrote:

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First sent 2nd October 2010. …

To:Joe Warren
From: Ant Phillips
Subject: Re: [CosmicHistory] Comment on Cosmic History 1

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At 21:55 01-03-2014, Joe Warren wrote:

I acknowledge your optimism Ant in all the wonderful things that we have created.  But I think LRH and Buddha and many others saw the degradation around including sickness, poverty, and unhealthy conditions and wondered... why?

Yes. Very widespread idea.  My answer to that, I found after seven times running through Cosmic History, week after week.  It did not come easily.  May I make a wild guess? That 30% of the 70 plus people on this list might gain a "satisfactory" understanding of this problem by the time we have run through it.

After four or so times running through it, I had worked out a rather difficult handling of the problem for me and, hopefully, a few others - it was unrealistic.

It was from the seventh time I got my optimism, and I will be glad if 30% gain (or retain) some sort of similar optimism (which possibly is only pragmatism).

All best wishes,


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