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Appendix: Looking for and Regaining Parts of the Magic Universe

Another viewpoint on the Magic Universe

This viewpoint is by Jim Rowles ( who is quite a long term Scientologist (out of the "Church" for over 30 years).


Looking for and Regaining Parts of the Magic Universe

For years I have been interested in the Magic Universe. In childhood I figured it was somewhere that the gods, angels, demons, and souls resided and freely did things I couldn’t do. As I read and learned more, through the texts from many camps, it seemed that I just might get a grip on spirituality and the Magic Universe while still here and in this body. When I got into Scientology I was impressed that the training honed my awareness and the processing led me to jumps in awareness and I thought that I had found the road into the Magic Universe (OT).

I bought and then repeatedly listened to the Philadelphia Doctorate Course tapes and really got how ‘creative processing’ could be used to clean up one’s personal universe from the negative postulates and decisions that held one in check. Ron worked at getting students to exteriorize and then begin lifting exercises on the student’s body, though I never heard of any success at this. Additionally, in the tapes Ron was dismissive of the physical universe, and how to operate as a spirit in the "MEST” universe. This was no help in my doing real magic in the here-and-now. Ron did point me to Aleistar Crowley and "Magick in Theory and Practice”, which I bought and found hard reading. I did see where Ron had pulled many of his ideas and concepts.

On up through OT3, I recognized that I was still working on negative gain, removing the stops and inhibitions that I had put in place, or had been put in place on me. I did become a freed-up spirit. When I got to run the old OT7 end processes I thought that FINALLY we are going to ramp up the spirit/ theta horsepower and start drilling/ doing things in the physical universe by command and intention alone. Sadly those processes were archived and NOTs became the final attempt by the Church to make an OT. And I moved on.

I read and applied (somewhat) SuperScio, LKin, and The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. They all fed somewhat my interests and did help in building the solid base of knowledge and awareness that would later help me gain where I now am.

The trigger that got me eager to doing something about looking for/into the Magic Universe was my reading (2010) the Harry Potter books. In the books Harry Potter is depicted as being a wizard living in a non-magical family (muggles). In these books the Magic and the Physical universes are running concurrently and are seamless to the wizards. To the muggles the magic universe is not there, just as there are people on the streets today who say spirituality is ‘not there’. I was startled to realize (cognite) that the Magic Universe, as per the Potter books, is NOT an earlier universe, nor was it ‘up there’, nor in someplace separate from the physical universe. I did not have to leave ‘here’ to go ‘there’. It was right here and right now. I felt it.

I had been conditioned well by my Christian upbringing to believe that I had a soul, and that it went to heaven or hell when I died. There would be Saint Peter at the gates to let me in (or not). But none of that was contactable while I lived. Now I had the viewpoint that I just needed to move from being a human spirit to being a wizard. (Aside: In the Potter books the muggle-born could not become wizards/witches, but I viewed that as an arbitrary of the books.)

But how to do it?

First I needed to look up any helpful definitions of ‘magic’. Then I needed to fully read Magick in Theory and Practice, since it is an accepted authority work on white/black magic. Then apply my skill at writing up hats, devise a way to break into the area, and finally to audit and drill as needed to get my feet into the Magic Universe.

Not surprisingly, it has been MY stops and not-is (denials) that have been holding me back. Once again the overts and withholds showed up in abundance, and are a major barrier to progress. Past postulates, decisions, and service facsimiles comprise the other major barrier to getting there. A lack of persistence at drilling with gradients is the last of the major reasons that I have not gotten further into the Magic Universe.

The definition I like best came from Crowley and a 1911, Noah Webster dictionary that had:

"The art and science of putting into action the power of spirits; or the science of producing wonderful effects by the aid of superhuman beings, or of departed spirits; sorcery; enchantment. 2. The secret operations of natural causes”

Next I pushed through Magick in Theory and Practice to understand what Crowley was aiming for. He hit the nail on the head with this following definition and synopsis:

Definition: Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.

Postulate: ANY required Change may be effected by the application of the proper kind and degree of Force in the proper manner through the proper medium to the proper object.


  1. Every intentional act is a Magical Act.

  2. Every successful act has conformed to the postulate

  3. Every failure proves that one or more requirements of the postulate have not been fulfilled.

  4. The first requisite for causing any change is through qualitative and quantitative understanding of the condition

  5. The second requisite for causing any change is the practical ability to set in right motion the necessary forces.

  6. Every man and every woman is a star.

  7. Every man and every woman has a course, depending partly on the self, and partly on the environment which is natural and necessary for each. Anyone who is forced from his own course, either through not understanding himself, or through external opposition, comes into conflict with the order of the Universe, and suffers accordingly.

  8. A Man whose conscious will is at odds with his True Will is wasting his strength. He cannot hope to influence his environment efficiently.

  9. A man who is doing his True Will has the inerta of the Universe to assist him.

  10. Nature is a continuous phenomenon, though we do not know in all cases how things are connected.

  11. Science enables us to take advantage of the continuity of Nature by the empirical application of certain principals whose interplay involves different orders of idea connected with each other in a way beyond our present comprehension.

  12. Man is ignorant of the nature of his own being and powers. Even his idea of his limitation is based on experience of the past, and every step in his progress extends his empire. There is therefore no reason to assign theoretical limits to what he may be, or to what he may do.

  13. Every man is more or less aware that his individuality comprises several orders of existence, even when he maintains that his subtler principles are merely symptomatic of the changes in his gross vehicle. A similar order may be assumed to extend throughout nature.

  14. Man is capable of being, and using, anything which he perceives, for everything that he perceives is in a certain sense a part of his being. He may thus subjugate the whole Universe of which he is conscious to his individual will.

  15. Every force in the Universe is capable of being transformed into any other kind of force by using suitable means. There is thus an inexhaustible supply of any particular kind of force that we may need.

  16. The application of any given force affects all the orders of being which exist in the object to which it is applied, whichever of those orders is directly affected.

  17. A man may learn how to use any force so as to serve any purpose, by taking advantage of the above theorems

  18. He may attract to himself any force of the Universe by making himself a fit receptacle for it, establishing a connection with it, and arranging conditions so that its nature compels it to flow toward him.

  19. Man’s sense of himself as separate from, and opposed to, the Universe is a bar to his conducting its currents. It insulates him.

  20. Man can only attract and employ the forces for which he is really fitted.

  21. There is no limit to the extent of the relations of any man with the Universe in essence; for as soon as man makes himself one with any idea the means of measurement cease to exist. But his power to utilize that force is limited by his mental power and capacity, and by the circumstances of his human environment

  22. Every individual is essentially sufficient to himself. But he is unsatisfactory to himself until he has established himself in his right relation with the Universe.

  23. Magick is the science of understanding oneself and one’s conditions. It is the Art of applying that understanding in action

  24. Every man has an indefeasible right to be what he is.

  25. Every man must do Magick each time that he acts or even thinks, since a thought is an internal act whose influence ultimately affects action, though it may not do so at the time.

  26. Every man has a right, the right to self-preservation, to fulfill himself to the utmost.

  27. Every man should make Magick the keynote of his existence. He should learn its laws and live by them

  28. Every man has a right to fulfill his own will without being afraid that it may interfere with that of others; for if he is in his proper place, it is the fault of others if they interfere with him.

This was written around 1925, and Ron definitely studied under Crowley. Also of note, nowhere in the book did Crowley refer to going somewhere else to perform magic. Nor did Ron say that an "OT” would go somewhere else to operate.

Reading elsewhere I also gathered up these statements:


Within the Tarot deck there is "The Magician”, the first trump(ace) of the Major Arcana”. It succeeds the Fool. Attributes of the Magician are:

Action---consciousness, concentration, personal power

Practicality---energy, creativity, movement

Precision----conviction, manipulation, self-confidence

Being objective--- focusing, determination, initiative

HATTING: I decided on this as a hat:

Discoverer Hat

The Discoverer Hat would be used in discovering what I could about magic and the Magic Universe. It would have an Observer part to see where I was, a Policy part to record that which worked (any rituals developed and in it’s context), a Tech part which would include drilling and aligning data, an Ethics part to keep me from flinching and stalling, an Auditing part to repair mistakes and uncover things that ‘resisted’ change, and a Product part to let me know when I had achieved the end result for this project.

So, I started.

I grabbed my TR bulletin on the upper indoctrination drills, went to TR-8 and began shouting for an object to ‘Stand up!”(a small feather it was). Boy, did it go wrong. After a few minutes my attention was drifting (TR0) and intention was weak (unfocused)(TR1). I had fallen far from my wins on OT7-EPs. After attesting in the late 1970s, I had intended in continuing the drills to "grow” my abilities. So much for good intentions without a program.

So again, I began daily TR0 with the wife and began performing continuous ‘focusing’ on every thing I did throughout the day. The drills did not get appreciably better. A review session revealed a cascade of; ‘it’s bulls**t’, ‘don’t waste your time’, ‘there’s nothing there’, etc., etc,etc……

I stepped back and used the Observer to cognite that I was being denied these abilities because long ago "I” had fallen down from being a magician due, almost entirely, to overts in the game. The Magic Universe was inaccessible and had practically vanished. I had fallen out the bottom (ethically) of the Magic Universe and the only way to recover it would be through suffering up the full set of conditions. From the bottom and into the lower conditions I had to confront everything that I had done. I might get above non-existence if I practiced well enough.

Some time back, friends and I had discussed those life conditions that would lead down to the point that a being would deny that something could exist, or had ever been there, or was only delusions. Not-is the Magic Universe until it vanished. These would include conditions below treason, the one that Ron stopped at. So I set up an auditing program to find those considerations, decisions, postulates, and past acts that I had in place that caused the Magic Universe to be: Vanished, Denied, Stopped, Refuted, and the numerous synonyms of these concepts.

This ran very well, and I began uncovering the overts, done and undone, that caused me to withdraw from this level (universe) of action and awareness. As a result I began seeing the absolute limitations of play in this physical universe (through the polarities/ dichotomies) and the simpler and freer actions in the Magic Universe. I saw that my overts had caused me to remove myself from the co-creating of magic with others, and that any intention that I put into another that conflicted with the universe of that other was an overt. I began ‘seeing’ others with a greater depth, seeing what was going on inside their universe. This could be viewed as my operating in the seventh dynamic, but here I am focusing on that idea called Magic Universe.

I continue daily TR0, Tai Chi warm ups, and focus on intending to do every action throughout the day with total commitment. I continue my other practices of watching for the Bardo stages nightly, while the body sleeps, and I monitor the GE to keep her comfortable with what I am doing.

What I have discovered (for me) so far with this hat:

Through my overts/withholds I fell out the bottom of the Magic Universe, an area of abilities and awareness.

Crowley and Hubbard were the latest spirits pointing the way.

Crowley and Hubbard both crashed on O/Ws.

My idealized image of a magician creating a ton of gold from nothing and expecting it to weigh a ton in the physical universe was an ego idea. I do not believe someone at the top of the Magic Universe scale would be up to such a feat in the physical universe, but then again…:) An alchemist processing an ore into a nugget of gold is the true magic. Simple, direct and with harmony.

TR0 without the contamination of entities, automaticities, thinking, etc is the required starting point.

A tone scale level of 22 or higher is the required attitude to ‘get above’ the physical universe rules and dichotomies. When I am not above 22, and Action(20), my intentions and postulates are less effective.

CLEAN INTENTION WITH AWARENESS AND RESPONSIBILITY is the core of the Magic Universe as I now see it. Projecting an intention into a distant object/person can succeed only if ethical, true to the object/person, and in harmony to their nature. One of the CCH’s included the command: ‘Contribute to the motion’. That fits the way I view it.

For the intention to work it must be simple, direct, focused, true for all parties, and beneficial to all parties.

Living and doing in the physical universe has become my drills in focus and intention. The more I do it the better it gets.

I think, from efforts made to date, that the drop from magician to human was not simply a gradient step-wise loss of powers, by which one could step-wise rise back up, but due to some specific and singular event. At this point I have not attempted to contact and run the 'incident' that made me cease being, or even considering being, a magician. I am continuing my work as above. Eventually a mass will begin to hinder me and I will then have a line into it. It does make me uneasy right now to even consider digging to find it. Ken Ogger (the Pilot) wrote of numerous universes and posited that we became banished by some event/action/incident down into the next lower one due to our overts in the one we were in. That has a ring of truth in it and it seems logical that an event did me in. '

If you go back and reread the above section on Crowley’s definitions/ statements you will see that he said it all, and he said it well. Ron may have started out trying to swiftly process students into this arena, but he also bogged down in the complexities of implants, and the level of irresponsibility of his students.

I hope this is of benefit to someone.

 Jim Rowles