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Cosmic History 20 (also sent as 4)


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Subject: [CosmicHistory]  Cosmic History 20 (also sent as 4)

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Dear ivy-subscriber,

We are nearing the end, and resending the last items in the Pilots Cosmic History (part of his book Super Scio (available for free down load, check our Home Page links).

People were weary of the constant conflicts, so around 181 trillion years ago, there began a wave of mass suicides where everyone threw themselves into the volcano to "die" as beings and be reborn in the next lower universe.

Eventually this next prison universe came to be known as the Magic Universe.


Entry to the magic universe has an incident which shows you a wizard who floats out over the water from an Arabian style ship while holding a glowing ball between his hands.

The bodies again look like meat bodies but internally they have a structure based on the Chakras described in Eastern Metaphysics. Many of the early medical dub-ins such as the blood running in tides (instead of circulating) and "humors" etc. might also be part of the physical anatomy of the magic universe bodies.

Many of the wrong ideas that people believe instinctively (whether superstition or incorrect science) were actually true in the magic universe. People are just behind the times so to speak.

Based on the inspiration of the eventual 2 layered structure of the thought + conflicts universe, the magic universe was constructed with a physical layer plus a heavenly layer and a demonic layer. Dead people went around in a visible spirit body which was the older body mockup of the conflicts universe.

The goal of this universe was "To Enjoy" and it was primarily a hedonistic pleasure seeking place. It was quite heavily oriented to sex etc. Fantasy stories and fairy tales and most current metaphysical and witchcraft ideas are based on vague recollections of the magic universe.

But, as always, you have some people trying to lord it over others and you have another group trying their best to condition people to make them good.

Here the definition of the game called for many gods and goddesses, demons and devils. And many came down willingly from the conflicts universe armed with higher level knowledge to establish themselves in these positions.

And the games and wars and whathaveyou went on for the usual long period of time until a need for yet a lower prison universe was agreed upon by all. And so the current physical universe was built.

After being sentenced in court, the prisoner usually goes down a spiral path lined with statues of the penalty universe terminals and ends up at a sort of Greek style pool at the center where he is pushed under and finds himself shifted to this universe.


Our universe was built as a prison 86 trillion years ago. The sentencing process includes passing through a sort of implant universe which tells him that this is the universe of physical force and then lays in the goals that he is supposed to live by in this universe (things such as being successful, popular, intelligent, strong, etc.) but putting them in with a twist so that he will forever get in trouble trying to do them. Of course the implant is at the beginning of time (and says so) but it is only the beginning of time for this stupid little universe and not for our eons long existence.

At first, people would escape and be in the magic universe for awhile and then get sent here again (receiving the implant again). The magic universe remained in existence (and is still there although it is very contracted and almost deserted).

In recent times, the remaining kings and wizards,

[Ant commented, first time it was sent:]

It would seem to me that Tolkien, and many others got some inspiration probably, unknowingly, from the Magic, and earlier universes. The theory that we have been involved might also explain yearnings for knowledge of other planes.
I am particularly interested in the part "
The bodies again look like meat bodies but internally they have a structure based on the Chakras described in Eastern Metaphysics. Many of the early medical dub-ins ..." together with the description given of bodies in an earlier universes.

Any comments, theories, puzzles, anomalies???

Have a good weekend - and Easter (here in Denmark Thursday is also an official public holiday, and some started their Easter Holiday yesterday - extra trains were put on).



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