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Cosmic History 18


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Sending now (perhaps last time as a series to a list)  Friday 25th July 2014.

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Nearing the end. A short one.
(and my numbering coincides for the moment with the Pilot's)
Actually, I have now sent all the Pilot's Cosmic History [written 2002]
And the implant which took us down from the Thought Universe to the Conflicts Universe laid in a terrible compulsion for using bodies, but it was otherwise defective and the prisoners broke out and counter invaded the thought universe from the conflicts universe resulting in the Theta-MEST Wars.


In the conflicts universe, the body type is a body as we know it, although there were no internal guts or biochemical processes. Externally it might look human (or whatever) whereas internally it was more like a homogenous mass with a few gizmos (electrical coils or whatever) inside of it. And imposed into it would be an energy pattern of golden globes etc. used by the person (who thought of himself as an energy being) to control the body.

Because of the defective nature of the implant, the prisoners escaped and counter invaded the Thought universe. This is the Theta-MEST wars with body people invading against the thought people. Most of the theta line incidents described in Hubbard's History of Man are from this time period.

The war went on endlessly (only the big super long wars are worth mentioning in this history since they are the only ones that had any significant effect on everybody) with people switching sides occasionally so that everyone has the experience of being the thought people fighting back against the invading body people and vise versa.

The only people who were not involved initially were those last few who were still up in the Symbols Universe. But the war got very interesting and went on and on and gradually these Symbols Universe people became avid spectators. Around 2.48 Quadrillion years ago, the final crew came down as gods from the symbols universe and joined the war. Everyone was tossed through the universe shifting implant many times and eventually we all wound up in the Conflicts universe as body people.

Near the end of the wars, the crossing back and forth between the 2 universes became very great and more and more transfer points and common anchor points were established until the 2 universes sort of collapsed together. This formed a sort of layered universe with a material plane and a thought plane (where you went between lives). One was quite aware of living physical lives and being an energy being between lives (in an energy body which kept re-incarnating in the physical).


After the collapse, there is a long time period of living in the resulting "MEST" universe. The goal of this universe was to gain bodily experience and sensation. The environment is mostly flat worlds in space ...

In a lecture Ron talked about thetans with bodies fighting thetans without bodies, and since I read (or heard) it, I have wondered how this happened. I was imagining it occurring on a planet on this universe, wondering where such a thing could happen. According to this it could be better described as thetans in energy bodies fighting thetans with MEST bodies - what Ron called doll bodies (no innards or biochemical functioning)

I have made an editorial change. The Pilot writes "Gods", which I have changed to "gods". I was taught as a little boy Never to capitalize gods other than the one monotheistic God :-)

Have a god weekend,

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[Added 25th July 2014]  What fun we had (according to the Pilot!!!).  It has just occurred to me that while Ron, and The Pilot talked a lot (in some places) about implants in my 60 years of Scientology I cannot recall either finding or running one on a preclear, or running one done to or by me in my auditing (case).  Rather odd, don't  you think?

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