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Cosmic History 17

Cosmic History 17

From: Ant Phillips <>
Subject: [CosmicHistory]  Cosmic History 17

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This, probably the last email sending of the series, is sent 19th July 2014  (The Pilot's Cosmic History, in installments will be up at  and is very slowly going into place.)
Previously sent to SuperScio-l 17th Oct 2008 and on Sat, 05 Feb 2011
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We are nearing the end of Cosmic History. One person suggested I continue, perhaps with weekly doses of other things from Super Scio.
I don't have any bright ideas on this. Would some one else like to select and make weekly postings?

Incidentally the Pilot's "Sequence of Aberration" which appears in IVy 56 (received by most subscribers - still [in 2002] on its way to subscribers in USA and possibly also Great Britain) has quite a lot to do with Cosmic History, as is also his "Grades of Release", which is planned for a future IVy (or two). This is not just exciting history. I reckon it has a bearing on how we shape our future. [Old IVys are available at ]

Here is the next installment.

The symbols universe contained much much more than the things listed here. I've really barely scratched the surface. Certainly there are numerous other implants and abberative factors. But also, there was a great deal of good and wonderful things. In this write-up, we're concentrating on what was wrong. But there was tremendous rightness as well. The universe was generally very exciting and enjoyable. At least 90% of your time in the symbols universe was better than anything you've ever experienced here on Earth. You can spot some pleasure moments of sliding into some incredible picture and having the most wonderful time. Or even the satisfaction of creating a thought plane that others enjoyed and marveled at.


The final prison universe built below the Symbols Universe was called, by its inhabitants, the Thought or Theta Universe (depending on how you want to translate it). They considered themselves to be Thought People in contrast to the Body People of the next lower prison universe (which they built). But they were not thought people in the true sense. What they really were was energy beings. So maybe we should call this the "Energy Universe".

The transfer incident down to this universe sends you down a sort of 4 dimensional spiral staircase. It basically lays in the idea that you are an energy unit and can be effected by energy and it gets you to build what Dianetics and Scientology refer to as the reactive mind. From here on you can be effected by force and you tend to accumulate incidents of pain and unconsciousness which further abberate your behavior. As you go down the staircase, things seem to shrink strangely in the distance while remaining near by. This is because you are curving off in a 4th dimensional direction. With each step, the staircase disappears in blackness and you get an implant item. Then it reappears and you're taking another step downward. The implant includes the materials run on the clearing course.

The body here is a circle or globe of energy and it can be trapped and hurt by energy. And unfortunately, we were stupid enough to think that we were these energy bodies and therefore could be kicked around and conditioned by the use of force. This is the era of the Thetan as an energy unit and it is pretty high and powerful compared to people living as bodies, but it is far lower than the Thetan living as a "god".

And here we have the endless aberrations of energy and the abuse and misuse of force. But we also have what is still a very thought oriented society with a tremendous level of creation and aesthetics.

This universe starts around 4.5 Quadrillion years ago. The goal for this universe seems to be to create effects on others especially through the use of emotion. There was some sort of whole track word for this which I will translate as "To Emotionate".

People could kick into each other so heavily that the next lower prison universe was built fairly quickly, maybe around 2.8 Quadrillion years ago. At this point, beings were still coming down from the symbols universe.

Throughout our history, we had been projecting mockups of bodies but had never been really restricted by them. But now we actually believed ourselves to be energy bodies and the next logical step was to condition the convicts being sent down to the next universe into thinking that they were physical bodies made of matter.

And so we built what we then thought of as the "MEST" or "Physical" Universe as a prison where everybody would be in a body and subject to physical laws. But since it was not the current universe, and since we also think of this one as a MEST or Physical universe, it will avoid confusion if I give this some other name. Based on the subsequent events, I will refer to it as the "Conflicts Universe".

And the implant which took us down from the Thought Universe to the Conflicts Universe laid in a terrible compulsion for using bodies, but it was otherwise defective and the prisoners broke out and counter invaded the thought universe from the conflicts universe resulting in the Theta-MEST Wars.


In the conflicts universe, the body type is a body as we know it, although there were no internal guts or biochemical processes. Externally it might look human (or whatever) whereas internally it was more like a homogenous mass with a few

I see it says:
The goal for this universe seems to be to create effects on others especially through the use of emotion. There was some sort of whole track word for this which I will translate as "To Emotionate".
I wonder how much we are dramatising this goal, and could stop doing so just by recognising the fact. And what about the newspapers and media and advertisers?

Hi, Have a good weekend,




[Following added by Ant in 2014 (last email sending of the series)]
The Pilot writes (quoted above here):
The transfer incident down to this universe sends you down a sort of 4 dimensional spiral staircase.

Earlier The Pilot says that we created a new universe.  But later in these accounts he words things in the way the sentence above is worded.  No hint as to who created this "
transfer incident". Or the later new universes that popped up.  Who else is there to do these things to us than us?
And why the pessimism? 
Why:  " down to this universe".    Why not "up to this universe"or "along to this universe" ?  
If you follow the Pilot's sequence there is no doubt (in my mind, anyway) that things have got more complex (less simple) but why the pessimism?  As you play a simple game, the desire for a little more complexity often comes. Things (according to the Pilot) became more complex - but is that "negative" or "bad"?
Ant July 2014


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