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Cosmic History 16

Cosmic History 16

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Dear ivy-subscriber,

Here is the remainder of the Pilot's:

Note that this controlling council ...

The only exception was that people were in good enough shape to wander off on their own and just pick an empty place and start building their own thought planes. So the bulk of the universe was really in a big state of anarchy with the controlling council holding the organized area in the center. Sometimes they would try to take over some of this anarchistic area, but they wouldn't have much success. But let a crowd of the anarchists try to form up into an organized group and the council would move right in and make them join up.

This was the first great machine building period. They would take individuals and condition them so heavily that they became robots and would follow a canned set of instructions without thinking about them. Even after the invaders were overthrown (and made into machines), people were trapping each other and programming them up. Nobody stayed as a machine throughout the entire span of this universe, but everyone had it done to them at least a few times. One of the common uses for the machines was to keep favorite through planes mocked up and dusted off. Whenever someone uses a through plane, their postulates tend to alter-is it, so the "machine" would reset the mockup back to its pure state when they were done.

A final invader wave came down from the motions universe against a civilization that was armed (with sophisticated traps) and ready. To really fix these guys, the Controlling Council (which tried to run things in this mostly anarchistic era) had a prison universe constructed. Soon there were many more convicts being exiled and the cycle was starting to repeat itself.

But this time, after a few quadrillion years the prisoners researched the implants, erased them, and came out and took over. Of course they needed to build a new prison universe for the former controlling council members and various other peoples that displeased them.

This sort of thing was repeated a number of times. Each time, the sentencing implant became more complex.

To some degree, the prison universes became an interesting game, like Houdini doing his famous escapees. If the beings didn't dig themselves out after a few quadrillion years, generally someone would be sent down to start them on the road.

Because these prison universes were intended as temporary, the Symbols Universe kept going at full strength for a long time.

On the whole, it was actually a very interesting universe. The thought planes often had a tremendous aesthetic. The use of symbols and substitution made for very fine art and in a thought plane, you live the art rather than simply looking at it. These thought planes were actually very much like limited versions of the individual universes of the home universe matrix. You'd enter them to see and experience things or meet with people or play games or be told a story.

You could also have thought planes which contained subordinate though planes. A high level though plane might be an art gallery where you could walk around and look at the paintings. But the paintings would be lesser thought planes and you could step into the ones you liked (similar to Disney's cartoon rendition of Mussorsky's Pictures at an Exhibition). If you are one of the people with a horror of art galleries, just remember that implant designers just love to take something nice and use it as the twisted hook that sticks you to an implant. Eventually there was an art gallery implant used in the symbols universe where you were forced to go around in a gallery and experience horrible thought planes. But this is minor compared to some of the other things that went on.

One mockup, usually used by the police, consisted of walls which could attract or repel you. Their action is based on the symbols inscribed on the walls. The repulsive walls had symbols you'd pull away from (as in the pyramid traps). The attractive walls would have desirable symbols from the various penalty universes. Things like symbols of wealth and power and sex. Sometimes the symbols on a wall would change from one kind to the other or there'd be complex sandwiches of walls of various types. They'd try to bang you around with various walls and get you into high motion. The being was already slightly subject to motion sickness if he was made to jump around too much in too little time. This comes from the earlier Motion Universe (which starts with the Treadmill which lays in a spinning sensation).

The police also used Black Thought Planes. In this case, the picture is concealed and you have no idea what you're being thrust into. So there's the flinch at black pictures. Often they would bang you around with walls until you were dizzy and then push you into a black plane where you'd get an implant.

One common implant used this way is The Sources Implant. This played on the fact that the people were already upset about hidden sources of things because of the compulsion pools. The implant pretends to tell you what the real source of various things is. Of course the items are intended to trick you. They are things like "The only source of energy is Machinery".

Another thing present in the late era of the symbols universe is a sort of earlier similar on Arslycus (discussed later) where endless slaves were made to serve in a city of endless thought planes that was much too large and where the tasks were much too boring. The city was known as "Alpha Prime" (really just an intention that means "The First City"). The incident may include a body builder type sequence. You might be assigned to clean up a thought plane and have to do that over and over endlessly. This thing was probably one of the controlling council's big projects. It seems to end with a collapse in a manner similar to Arslycus (these collapses are all based on similar collapses which occur in the text of the penalty universes for the goals To Build and To Orient).

The symbols universe also made heavy use of somatic pools. These were mostly used to supply the sensations etc. that were experienced in the thought planes. Instead of simply telling someone to feel and emotion, pain, or sensation, large numbers of people were ordered to place a feeling of this kind into a sort of "pool". Then when the sensation or whatever was needed, an individual could be "connected" to the pool to get the feeling from it, which made for a much stronger experience than simply having him imagine that he felt a certain way.

The universe went on (in an active manner) for an incredibly long time period. This is probably because everyone was Clear in the sense of not having a Dianetic engram bank. You might think this to be a strange statement in light of the fact that we were loaded with problems, guilt, upsets, pains, sensations, emotions, and every other ill. And we were subject to hidden influences and continually fighting against a suppressive government, and occasionally being made into machines etc. Yet we just kept getting up and dusting ourselves off and carrying on. Because all these abberative things did not have a cumulative and compound effect. The Dianetic A = A mechanism was not present and therefore things would not go into chronic restimulation. You could just go off somewhere for awhile and cool down. So things only slid downscale very very slowly.

Our entire sequence of universe since we left the symbols universe (i.e.., the thought universe, the conflicts universe, the magic universe, and the current universe) have a combined duration of only around 4.3 quadrillion years. This is nothing compared to the duration of the symbols universe. So it seems like we've just gone down into one of these interesting little prison universe sequences again. But this time, the implant was much more sophisticated. And the subsequent war between the thought and conflicts universes (the theta mest wars) was very interesting. And it seems like the last of the beings in the symbols universe got so interested in the wars that they came down as "gods" to join in. So there might not be anyone left up there to dig us out. And I don't think that any of the other prison sequences went deeper than two universes below the symbols universe. Now we're 4 universes deep and the next one is already in operation below us (the Mud Universe). So I think we're playing for keeps.

The symbols universe contained much much more than the things listed here. I've really barely scratched the surface. Certainly there are numerous other implants and abberative factors. But also, there was a great deal of good and wonderful things. In this write-up, we're concentrating on what was wrong. But there was tremendous rightness as well. The universe was generally very exciting and enjoyable. At least 90% of your time in the symbols universe was better than anything you've ever experienced here on Earth. You can spot some pleasure moments of sliding into some incredible picture and having the most wonderful time. Or even the satisfaction of creating a thought plane that others enjoyed and marveled at.


The final prison universe built below the Symbols Universe was called, by its inhabitants,
************************ { following Ant wrote earlier than 2014}
I find all this very interesting. See the paragraph that begins
"The universe went on (in an active manner)....." (three paragraphs up)

It is interesting that it has been known for people to complain about Scientology not delivering what was promised (for example "where are the OTs or Clears?"). Looking at the writings of the Pilot (and probably others that have not come to my attention), particularly the Pilot's article "Sequence of Aberration" in IVy 56 (IVy 56 is still on its way to USA and Australia) and the one "SuperScio (SS-2.txt) Auditing Tips and Techniques, part 5 Grades of Release " where he proposes 32 steps (you could say grades), you could say that Scientology made a very brave "shot in the dark" (or series of shots), but actually did not have enough data, and therefore (relatively speaking) failed. The Pilot has made another valiant attempt, building on data already gained, so instead of moaning "We have not got the pie in the sky promised" we (or those to whom we hand on the torch of greater freedom) should work to get a better understanding of where we stand now, and from that better understanding, work our way to (an old goal) more self-determinism and a better game.
This requires brave women and men, not people badly introverted into disabilities. And there are a couple of warning while contributing to this brave action: (1) Do not neglect history and take the same unproductive paths already tried, (2) Do not introvert into a sort of sect and ignore what others with similar goals are doing.

I am impressed, not only by the Pilot's research (though it would nice to see an independent look at the area), but also by his writing. It takes me hours to write just a short article (or this has taken two hours). To complain about his spelling, is like complaining because of one bit of pigeon shit on the Statue of Liberty.

And, my goodness, there are still nine A4 pages of Cosmic History I have not sent out yet in this series! They are coming, God, Allah, Static, The UnNameable, permitting :-)


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