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Cosmic History 15

Cosmic History 15

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 20:45:07 +0200

From: Ant Phillips <>
Subject: [CosmicHistory]  Cosmic History 15

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This is a test - I have altered the superscio-l list so that it does not send to, thus enabling me to send these repeats excerpts from the Pilots work with the original formatting (sending styled). It is not a typographical masterwork, by any means, but I hope you find it easier to read.
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Incidentally, I have noted that not many people write to this list, and speculated on whether some of the potential writers were put off by the thought that if they contributed, their contribution would go to a public news group. Well, if you write now to (this list) your words and address will only go to this list and ivy-x, both quite small (less than 100 people)
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Hi, Ant
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Dear member of the ivy-subscribers list,
Here is your weekly dose/ration of Cosmic History (the full thing is available in the Pilot's Super Scio, available free, links via our Home Page).

Here are a few comments - Your personal comment is welcome. To the list, of course

has them set up hidden pieces of themselves which give them all sorts of compulsions etc.
This seems to have a relation to Soul Retrieval.
I have the feeling that while there is a school of thought that seems to think that we must run out everything "bad" on our track, I tend to the idea that it is a good idea to have some sort of idea of what may have happened to us which may still affect us, but not to go around running anything.
In this case one is aware that one may have had compulsions installed, and so, if one feels a compulsion, just be in present time and observe ones reactions and don't be compelled ( or is it compulsed!!). In the March issue of IVy (IVy 56) there is a review of a book which is very helpful in this direction.

.. Symbols Universe was built and they were tossed into it.

And in the fullness of time, it came to pass that others were exiled to the Symbols Universe as well. And so the cycle repeats itself as we take turns being good guys and bad guys and throwing each other lower and lower down.


The symbols universe was set up as a prison universe probably around 60 or 64 quadrillion years ago.

The transfer implant used to send people down to the Symbols Universe has them set up hidden pieces of themselves which give them all sorts of compulsions etc. This is mental machinery which the person builds and then hides from himself. This was based on penalty universe symbols etc. and gives him urges such as needing to eat and to feel sensation based on the degraded goals established by the penalty universes. For the first time, the individual has a sort of "subconscious" and does things (mainly to himself) that he is not aware of doing.

Since each convict had hidden pieces of himself, various mockups based on the penalty universes would stir up feelings of hidden things in motion etc. This expanded into a general concept of symbols where seeing any mockup might imply other things that are not immediately visible. And so we have a situation where symbols were given great significance and there was a continual struggle to communicate as a result.

This actually acts as a sort of reactive mind based on symbols. The person meets, lets say, a tiger and gets a stimulus response reaction even without the presence of mental image pictures. He gets the reaction because there is a piece of him sitting in a compulsion pool being the tiger of the penalty universe "To Eat". At this time, the individual did not have an Engram bank or a time track. He could not be affected by force (although his mockups could be affected) and knew it. But you could show him some object out of a penalty universe and make his hair stand on end.

As a result, the subsequent games, implants, etc. used here were primarily based on symbols. A common method of fighting was for opponents to send waves of symbols at each other (especially symbols of penalty universe terminals). At first these only had mild impacts. But everyone kept postulating so hard about wanting to create heavy effects on their opponents that they agreed too heavily with the power of symbols. So these symbols developed a real kick. This in turn let people commit stronger overts and become motivator hungry which made them even more affected by the impact of a symbol.

The individual was mostly worried about the effect of a symbol being pushed into his viewpoint since it could trigger compulsions. So he tended to put out substitute mockups in place of himself (he was not as concerned about these mockups being affected). Here you have the individual flinching from direct telepathic contact and using communication vias to protect himself.

The MEST (matter/energy/space/time) of the symbols universe primarily consisted of "Thought Planes". These are like photographs drifting in space. You could float over to one of these and look at it and then sort of turn sideways and step into the picture. The picture would then expand out in its own 3 dimensional space that was at an angle to the normal 3 dimensional space of the universe (2 co-ordinates were shared and the 3rd co-ordinate would be in a different direction, hence you get a 2 dimensional plane at the point of intersection).

Over the course of time, more and more beings were exiled to the symbols universe. Eventually entire populations were mass captured and dumped.

By around 46 Quadrillion years ago, the motion universe was getting empty and wilting away. The remaining "winners" wanted to establish themselves in the symbols universe while retaining high status. So they invaded. There might have been many invasions and the range of dates might be as much as from 48 quadrillion down to 42 quadrillion years ago.

The invaders came in with implants. They designed the implants based on their "higher" knowledge of earlier track and the anatomy of the sentencing implant mentioned above. The symbol universe people were not much affected by force (it only hurt mockups) but were very subject to counter thought and gradually came to be affected by counter emotion as well (symbol masses could pack a considerable emotional punch as well as a heavy confusion of thought).

A common invader implant was the Pyramid Trap. This is a big pyramid in empty space with an open doorway leading to something interesting in the center. The unwary being goes in (later is drawn in by beams or tricked in) and the door closes. The pyramid has 128 layers of walls, one for each penalty universe and each inversion. Each wall is covered with the symbols of that penalty universe. The innermost is create, next is destroy, etc. all the way out to Endure and its inversion. The victim can push through a few of these, but then he hits one that he can't confront and falls back to the center. In some variations, there is only a single wall for each dynamic covered with all of the symbols for every goal associated with the dynamic. This required fewer walls and therefore was easier to manufacture.

Once captured, the victim is left inside for a very long time to soften him up. Occasionally the walls would state that another trillion years had gone by to make him feel that it was even longer. Eventually he gets worried about missing out on things and becomes aberrated about time. He starts getting desperate to get it over with and will put up with being implanted if only they will let him out.

So he gets trapped in the pyramid, sits there for a few thousand years while getting implant items that tell him that many trillions of years have gone by and then the invaders come and pull him out. Then he gets hung on a wall and simultaneously hit from both sides by a stream of symbols. The first stream is Create/Destroy using the terminals from the penalty universe and its inversion. These symbols alternate in each wave and opposing symbols collide in the center of the victim forming a ridge. The symbols have the "price" thought in them (things like, the price of enlightenment is to suffer, etc.). This is done 64 times, once for each penalty universe. After that he is allowed to compete in a game. The winner is always an invader. The being is then given to the invader as a prize.

There were also other sorts of traps based on symbols. Usually these are either the terminal of a penalty universe or a symbol of one of the valence masses (from the fall of home universe). The guy would be floating along and then he'd come to a big mockup of The Tiger or something like that floating in space and he'd feel drawn to it and slide in. Then a cage would appear around the tiger and he'd be stuck. The bars of the cage would be covered with symbols so that he couldn't pass through them. Then they'd come and haul him out and handle him as above.

Eventually there was a revolution and the invaders were thrown in their own traps. Also, more elaborate traps (big colorful energy structures etc.) were built, usually with pyramids hidden in the center or other sophisticated variations.

Finally a complex civilization of thought planes and symbol masses developed and went through the usual decline.

This seems to be the first time period when there was a real government. People were just abberated enough to need a formal organization to undertake large projects and see to the welfare of civilization. So a controlling council was set up, originally consisting of individuals who were most instrumental in combating the invaders. Once established, the council saw to it that everyone continually perceived the need for such an organization. They undertook the construction of large "Cities" consisting of interconnected thought planes and other mockups. They established a police force to protect these sophisticated mockups from the ravages of malicious individuals and perpetuated the invader machine building implants and traps. Here are the early upsets with governments and their police forces and bureaucracies.

The mockups of this civilization are a bit strange compared to our current experience. Bodies and scenery as we know it only existed in the thought planes. You might be drifting around disembodies and then feel the presence of another disembodied being who would then flash a symbol identifying himself (maybe a body mockup or even something like a Chinese pictogram). Let's say you were being asked to a council meeting. The request might be a series of symbols flashed at you. Then you'd float over to the Council's thought plane which would appear as a flat picture of the council chamber. Then you'd turn sideways into the picture and appear in the chamber. You'd need to "manifest in form" so you'd tap the definitions for a suitable mockup that was not in use and materialize as that body. Note that this would not be a complex body with internal organs etc. as we have them today. It would simply be the image of a body which you would shift around by postulate. Then maybe you'd walk around and talk with and argue with other councilors etc.

Of course if you had to appear in court the police would enforce the mockup you were supposed to appear in.

Note that this controlling council was in existence for most of the duration of the symbols universe. This is an immense period of time and the lifespan of councilors was very very short. The council was constantly being overthrown and replaced. It was a position allowing for great overts and the motivators tended to come in very fast. There were also periods of round robin rotation of council positions or competitions for the post etc. So I think that most people will probably find some point where they served on this council. Usually it was a very abberrating experience where the being played endless games of treachery and betrayal, especially against other council members. Of course the universe was vast and there were occasional rival governments, but generally they didn't last long or control large areas. The controlling council was very jealous of its privileged position and stamped out competition as fast as it could.

The only exception was that people were in good enough shape to wander off on their own and just ...
[Ant writing:] I find the reference to fourth physical dimension intriguing:

These are like photographs drifting in space. You could float over to one of these and look at it and then sort of turn sideways and step into the picture. The picture would then expand out in its own 3 dimensional space that was at an angle to the normal 3 dimensional space of the universe

For the first this indicates that reality was very different from what we are accustomed to, which, as the Pilot has pointed out, would make running it a little difficult.
And it would be interesting if some one could come up with a drill to enable one to observe a fourth dimension. I suspect that some alive today can observe and work in a fourth dimension, and of course would not publish the fact, since it would bring about so much unreality, disbelief and ridicule, and of course a good conjuror, I have heard it said, does not reveal how he does his tricks.

The rest of 16. THE SYMBOLS UNIVERSE will come next Saturday.
Have a good weekend
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